Florham Park, N.J.-Mark Sanchez certainly wasn’t the first person to come up with this rule, but it is a rule he swears he sticks by, no matter what.

Last Tuesday, the mood and energy surrounding the Jets was drastically different than today. It was important for the team that they didn’t overreact to the heart-breaking loss from last week, and will be equally important to not overreact after this big win.

Last week every player on the Jets, as well as their coach, said they couldn’t wait to get back out there and play, so they could avenge the sloppy loss in the season opener. Mark Sanchez talked about the importance of what is referred to as the, “24 Hour Rule.”

Mark Sanchez can enjoy yesterday's performance for now, but come tomorrow the focus is all Dolphins, thanks to the 24 hour rule. (JetsInsider.com Photo)

Last week after the loss to Baltimore, Sanchez said, “I just really tried to enforce the 24-hour rule. You get your 24 hours to think about it, win, lose or draw, your best game (or) your worst game. You throw five touchdowns, man, that’s great.  After those 24 hours, man, you have to let it go. That’s the way everybody feels in here. We’ve definitely moved on in our preparation. On the field, it’s like that game is a lifetime away already. We’ve taken our lessons from that game and we’re going to apply them to this game, play smarter football (and) hopefully come out with a win.”

The Jets will have to stick to that proverbial script and enjoy their win for now, but come tomorrow morning their focus has to be on their next game. The Jets got a huge win yesterday, but with their opponent sitting at the top of the division with a 2-0 record this game is ultimately just as important.

No, not in that cliche every game is as important as the next type of way, but because according to Rex Ryan the Jets do their math a little different than most, two plus two may not necessarily equal four.

Ryan said, “We know this one right here (game against Miami), the way we do our math which is not everyday math. I always look at it as these division games count as a game and a half, if you kind of look at it that way this game against Miami can either put us up by a half a game or down by a two and a half…. I think (laughing). So in other words this is a big game, there’s no doubt about it. We need a win against them.”

It’s understandable why Ryan seemed a little fuzzy on the exact numbers of their math, but the theory definitely has some merit to it. If the Jets do manage to beat the Dolphins, they will be tied at 2-1 but technically they will have a half game edge on the Dolphins, as well as the Patriots if they should win next week as well, because they will have the head-to-head tiebreaker against both teams.

Of course the tie-breaker doesn’t always factor into playoffs, and the Jets still have to play both these teams again after next week, but the most important thing a NFL team can do is take care of their own division. Just look at the Bengals last year, they finished the season 10-6 and went 6-0 in their division guaranteeing themselves a playoff spot simply because they beat everyone in their division, twice.

Dustin Keller understands that these divisional games mean more than other games as well, saying, “It was big (getting the first divisional win against the Patriots). This gives us a chance to take the lead in the division against Miami, so I think we’re in a really good spot right now. Obviously, it’s still early in the season and a lot of stuff is going to happen, but we feel really good about where we are right now.”

These division games may even have a little more importance than normal based on the fact that by the fourth week of this season every team, within the AFC East, will have played against each other. With the next three division games not being played until after Thanksgiving, in week 13 when the Jets travel to New England and follow that up by playing Miami the following week.

The players reported today so they could breakdown the game film from yesterday and go through a quick walk through, however the media had limited access to the player as only a couple players made their way into the locker room to talk. With limited access to the players, there was limited new information to report on. One person who did have information for the media was Darrelle Revis.

There have been reports surfacing that Revis has been ruled out for one-to-two weeks, those words came from the mouths of reporters trying to force words into Revis’ mouth as they twisted his words around.

The reports should not be dismissed however as there is a good chance the Jets play it safe with Revis in the coming weeks and he very well might sit out at least one game.

Revis had an MRI taken this morning and the results came back as just a strain. Revis said, “It’s not pulled or anything, it’s just a strained hamstring and you got to rest it, it takes time with a pulled hamstring.”

Revis went on to say, “They just said it’s strained and it could take one or two weeks, or one week, it just depends on how my body recovers.”

Just because the doctors said that’s what it could take doesn’t mean Revis is even thinking about ruling himself out yet. He wants to play, but he also knows he needs to be at 100 percent in order to do so, so he can avoid injuring the hamstring even worse, Revis said, “Right now it’s about getting back to 100 percent, that’s the main goal. I’m not gonna touch the field unless I’m 100 percent.”

Reporters tried to press him saying, ‘You said you wanted to be 100 percent and you said it takes one-to-two weeks, so it sounds like Miami’s probably not…’, but Revis wasn’t taking the bait. Revis simply replied with a chuckle and said, “I’m not giving you no answers (laughing), I don’t know. If I can play Sunday I will be out there on Sunday, if I’m doubtful I’m doubtful and if I can’t, I won’t be out there.”

Antonio Cromartie was also available today and he spoke both about the Patriots game and their upcoming game against the Dolphins. The Dolphins are a run-first team, but they do have a big-time stud of a receiver in Brandon Marshall. Luckily for the Jets if Revis can’t play, Cromartie has plenty of experience in covering Marshall, when Cromartie was in San Diego and Marshall in Denver.

Cromartie was asked about how covering Moss might help prepare him for Marshall if Revis can’t play and said, “They are two different types of receivers, I know how Marshall is, I’ve played against him for the past four season, so I know him in and out. With him and Moss they are two different types of receivers. Brandon (Marshall) is more of a short possession type of receiver who goes over the middle tries to catch the ball and they’ll take their shots downfield with him, but he’s more of a cross the middle type of guy and try and make a play with the ball in his hand.”

Cromartie was also asked if the defense gained some confidence that it could last for a couple weeks without Revis if they had to and Cromartie said, “We had guys that stepped up during the week. Drew Coleman stepped up. Dwight Lowery stepped up and also Kyle Wilson, the rookie, stepped up. We have guys that have been in the league and know how to come in and get a job done. That’s exactly what they’ve done, so definitely.”

And of course Cromartie himself stepped up in a big way, that has to give Jet fans confidence this defense can still be a shut down defense without Revis.

While Dolphins quarterback Chad Henne doesn’t have the pedigree of a Tom Brady and the Dolphins are a run oriented team, Rex Ryan isn’t taking Henne lightly. After all he remembers what Henne did to the Jets on the Monday night game down in Miami last year.

Ryan said, “Well they are a run first team, but they got a big ol’ wideout out there that’s an outstanding player in Brandon Marshall. You know they got other weapons as well… I think this kid, the first time we played Miami last year, Henne the quarterback had like the highest rated (QB rating) in the history of the game against us, I thought we were playing against Dan Marino.”

Henne may have had an outstanding game against the Jets last year, but he is no Dan Marino. The Jets will have to focus first on stopping the run to force them into third and long situations then clamp down on the pass. They will also have to keep a balanced offense, like they had against the Patriots, against a dangerous Miami defense.

With the, “24 hour rule,” grace period coming to a close, Sanchez and his teammates will soon have to forget about the Patriots, for now, and focus all their attention on Miami. If they can play anywhere near the level of play they had last week, especially on offense, the Jets could be looking at a huge turnaround after that week one loss.

As Ryan said, according to the way the Jets do their math a loss puts them two and a half games behind the Dolphins, but a win would have them a half game ahead as the division leader.

Putting the win against the Patriots safely in their back pocket and turning all their attention to Miami will be the first step to see if they can jump out to an early division lead.

Other Injury Updates

Ryan also said Calvin Pace is doing a lot better and after struggling to determine where he would be placed on the injury list, Ryan ultimately settled on doubtful, with the help of some reporters. Doubtful for this week, but a return next week against Buffalo seems like a real possibility at this point.

Ryan also said Mangold and Taylor had MRIs taken today, but the results have yet to come in, but he fully expects both of them to play as of now.

Brodney Pool has had some treatment to his previously injured ankle, but again Ryan expects him to be able to play and Ryan expects him to make more big plays as he gets more comfortable in this defense.

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