The end of the NFL lockout may be on the horizon and with it comes free agency. The Jets will be looking to spend as well as deal some of their players that are on the market. One well known wide receiver that is on everyone’s mind is Santonio Holmes.
The Jets will need to make Holmes a good offer in order to keep him. Their offense will appreciate it if they can re-sign him. ( Photo)

 The former first round draft pick of the Pittsburgh Steelers in 2006 was signed by the Jets in 2010 and posted up big numbers for the boys in green.  Because of the four game suspension he was serving for substance abuse, it took Holmes a few games to get back on his feet. After dusting off the cob webs, he returned as the skilled player who once won the MVP award in Super Bowl XLIII. Holmes finished the season with 52 receptions and 6 touchdowns in only 12 games. The extremely talented receiver will be a free agent when the lockout ends and the Jets want nothing more than to re-sign him.

 Holmes is not as big as a threat as say a Randy Moss or a Larry Fitzgerald, but he can play with the best of them and be a game changer, and who is lurking in the shadows, trying to pick up a game changing receiver without the Hollywood status? None other than the division rival New England Patriots. Holmes brings all the explosion and toughness that the Patriots look for in a receiver, he also comes with reliability and a sort of securtiy blanket for a future Hall of Fame quarterback in Tom Brady.

 Holmes has already stated that he will play for whoever offers him the best deal and the Jets are willing to make a big offer, but can they offer more than the Patriots who will no doubt be looking to spend after not being able to upgrade as well as they hoped in the 2011 draft.

 As for the other players on the Jets, they want nothing more than to have their team back as a whole. When asked about the chance of players being dealt, Mark Sanchez replied, “It’s really important for the chemistry, just to see the players again, just to talk about football, to see how everybody’s family is doing, go grab some food.”

Chemistry and hard work could give a team momentum going into the next season.

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