FLORHAM PARK, NJ – Unless you’ve been under a rock since late Sunday afternoon, you know that Randy Moss’s latest stint with the Minnesota Vikings lasted a total of four games. Childress and the Vikings waived the 13-year veteran, making him available to all 32 teams in the league.

Of course, every team is drooling over the thought of adding arguably the greatest deep threat in NFL history, including the New York Jets. Hey, a kid can dream can’t he?

On Tuesday Moss was placed on the NFL waiver list, which means he could join his new team as early as Wednesday. Waiver classes are determined by the reverse order of the current standings, with the 0-7 Buffalo Bills getting first dibs on All-Pro wideout. Once claimed the team would owe Moss the remaining $6.4 million of his contract. However, if no team puts a claim on him, Moss will be eligible to sign with the team of his choosing for the wholesale price of $450K.

What does this mean for the Jets? Well, they wouldn’t have an opportunity to put a claim on him until the 30th spot. Why the Jets? On paper they are loaded at the receiver position; Braylon Edwards, Santonio Holmes, Jerricho Cotchery and Dustin Keller. However, with an offense that’s sputtering and a receiving corps that dropped five passes and had two interceptions stripped it wouldn’t be all that alarming if GM Mike Tannenbaum took the slim chance and got Moss.

Edwards, who has been labeled as the team’s deep threat, was wide open on two occasions and only had four targets all game. That’s more like a warning, than a deep threat. Holmes, a former Super Bowl MVP, has had a tough time finding a permanent role within the offense since returning from his four-game suspension. His drop on a 5-yard route in the third quarter could have easily gone for a score. Cotchery, who has been called “reliable”, has been anything but this season. On Sunday, his three drops and the stripped interception were costly in the 9-0 shutout loss. Granted, not all the blame goes to the receivers. Mark Sanchez’s erratic play also garners some criticism.

General Manager Mike Tannenbaum has proven that he will go after top-flight players. Will Moss be his next big catch? (JetsInsider.com Photo).

The up-and-down play of the offense, now ranked 27th in the league in passing, could be enough reason for Tannenbaum to bring in the disgruntled Moss if given the opportunity. And if for nothing else, the Jets would take him to block Moss from returning to New England, who is last on the waiver list.

Reporters questioned head coach Rex Ryan about the Moss ordeal and whether the Jets were showing any interest, however like everyone else Ryan could not comment on the issue.

“We really can’t talk about Randy Moss until he passes through the waiver wire, so I’m not going to touch that one,” said the Jets coach, alluding to tampering rules. “That’s all you get right now because I can’t comment on it.”

Ryan has spoken very highly about Moss, calling him the best vertical receiver in the league. But just imagine if Moss did join the Jets. Would he share a locker with battle-mate Darrelle Revis, who repeatedly called Moss a slouch?

No matter the case Tannenbaum has proven to not only take chances on problematic players (see Antonio Cromartie, Braylon Edwards, Santonio Holmes), but bring in any high-profile player who might be able to add to the team (see JaMarcus Russell, Terrell Owens, Brett Favre).
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