FLORHAM PARK, NJ — By now all fans know that the season the New York Jets are having has had its ups and downs. You win some and you lose some, but winning definately heals all.

Time to fly for Gang Green. Offense needs to improve earlier in the game or we can see the Jets season slip away sooner than expected. (JetsInsider.com Photo)

 Work is a part of everyones life. Day in and day out people strive to be the best at what they do or strive to reach that promotion or raise and that’s exactly what the Jets are trying to do. With just a few games left on their schedule they’re striving to reach their promotion which is the playoffs. When something positive happens on the road to the top it makes it that much easier to go back to work and start a new and keep on trucking. Coach Rex Ryan is one of those people who appreciates positivity.

When asked about the big win on Sunday and if it was easier to come into work this week, Ryan said, “Oh, man, yeah, that’s good.  You look forward to coming to work every day, win, lose or draw, but it’s always better.  Everything (is), food, you name it, it’s better. I always tell the players their girlfriend is better looking. (joking)  That’s just how it works. Everything is better.”

The small cut in the Jets side might be feeling better right now but they still have a long way ahead of them and must stay positive in order to tackle what’s in their way. They have dug themselves a hole that is extremely hard to escape from but with the right mind set and focus any team can pull out of the rut when necessary.

QB Mark Sanchez and the rest of the teammates understand that the clock is ticking on their season and it is time to make their final push right about now.

“We’re focused. I think that’s our general mood here. (We’re) trying to just clean up some little things, whether it’s in the pass game, run game, protection, speaking from an offensive standpoint.” Sanchez said.

An offensive standpoint is a great place to start because this is where the team needs to step up if they want to make this season count. First half numbers are way down as seen in last Sunday’s game against the Buffalo Bills but the team knows they need to perform better in order for them to pro-long their season.

WR Santonio Holmes is a big part of this team and he knows what has to be done, “We have to put all of the pieces into the puzzle right away. We can’t go searching around, trying to find out where can we find it. We’ve got to come out with that spark from the beginning, hitting those guys in the mouth, offense, defense and special teams.”

Offensive consultant Tom Moore was at Jets practice today to I guess spark the team’s offense and get them ready for the game in Washington against the Redskins this Sunday. Is his presense the missing piece of the puzzle in the Jets offense? No one knows but coach Ryan was happy he was around.

“It’s always good to have him (Moore) and his knowledge of things and his perspective… He’s so positive.” Ryan said.

It may sound a bit corny but positive thoughts is what the team needs right now in order to make their last five games mean something. A positive locker room leads to positive players which leads to positive play. We will see how positive this team can look this upcoming Sunday against the Washington Redskins.

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