There ya go Jets fans. Ya got him.

In a ridiculous turn of events, the Jets announced Thursday evening before its opening pre-season game at Cleveland that Brett Favre will be a Jet.

He’s the biggest star to wear the New York Green since Joe Willy, and every Jets fan this side of Chad Pennington’s parents have got to be swooning over their newly acquired HOF quarterback.

While I referred to it as a ridiculous turn of events, maybe it wasn’t. Maybe the Jets knew this all along, and were merely being polite to Chad in not releasing anything before it became official. The feeling in the Jets’ media room lately during camp has been that the Favre talk grew hackneyed and that nothing was going to be done. New York papers and blogs were riddled with “Tampa Bay has all but sealed the deal.” And sure enough, I got a text from fellow Jets Insider intern Rich Forestano around midnight Thursday morning, “Favre to Jets.”

I didn’t believe it, but he insisted. I bought four-ironic, I know-newspapers the next morning at the Mineola Train Station to read as much about it as I could, and it got me thinking…

This Favre circus is one of two things, and that’s something we’ll likely never know: We’re the Jets as low-key about this as they portrayed themselves, or did they know something we didn’t? I’ll admit, while nothing is over till it’s over, I-like many others-believed that there was little to no chance of Favre landing in New York. Sure, we were only speculating, but the New York media were sure that Favre wouldn’t end up in The Big Apple.

::SIGH:: But I digress. The fact of the matter is that the Jets are finally “keeping up with the Smith’s,” and New York’s “other team” will finally get its due. Move over Broadway Joe, it’s time for Broadway Brett.

At first I was disappointed. I remember reading either a blog or article that said how Favre didn’t want to be a Jet and that it would take a lot of begging for GM Mike Tannenbaum to lure the legendary QB to New York. I was confident that the Jets were content with Kellen Clemens and Chad Pennington battling for the starting position, and was myself content. Did the Jets sell out?

Obviously not. Not in this day and age, when it’s the job and complete responsibility for a team to get the best players to ultimately be the best team, something along the lines of what Tampa Bay Head Coach John Gruden said to reporters about getting Favre.

Despite what you knew and what you thought you knew prior to Thursday morning, the Jets got Brett Favre. Whether it was a random twist of events at the last moment, or Jets’ brass working diligently behind-the-scenes, Brett Favre will be wearing a new kind of green in 2008.

How will he fare under the big city lights? How will he handle the toughest, most brutal media market in the nation? Is he too old, or does he still have it? Are the Jets a Super Bowl lock? I’d love to speculate here, like everyone else has been doing prior to the Favre move, but what if I’m wrong?

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