Just when you thought the season couldn’t get any worse, another twitter incident unfolds centered on the one Jets player who has previously gotten into hot water via the tweet, WR David Clowney.  

Nice catch, Mr. August. Perhaps David Clowney should spend less time on the internet and more time at practice. (JetsInsider.com Photo)
Nice catch, Mr. August. Perhaps David Clowney should spend less time on the internet and more time at practice. (JetsInsider.com Photo)

Clowney, reportedly told a fan to “kill himself” in a private message on twitter after the fan criticized the team’s play following a post-Patriots game Clowney tweet.  The fan then proceeded to take  a screenshot of Clowney’s note and it was posted on the internet by our friends at The Jets Blog

What followed is enough to make any Jets fan sick. A coverup that would make Richard Nixon proud.

Here’s the timeline:

Early Monday Morning: Clowney tweets “Even [through our] tough times there are SOME Jet fans that still support us and show us Love. Thank you.”

Shortly After: A user named AlexL responds to Clowney’s tweet: “Quit worrying about fans. Boo hoo fans arent happy when this team talks super bowl and performs like [redacted]. Go win [a]nd shut up”

Still Monday Morning: Clowney sends AlexL a private message telling him to “Kill yourself dude”

AlexL then contacts the Jets Blog and tells his story. Blog publisher Brian Bassett asks AlexL to take a screen shot of the message andsend it to him which he does. Bassett then posts the incident on his blog.  Bassett also contacts the Jets who have no comment at present but say they will look into it.

Monday evening: A mysteriously a chain of expletive laden tweets start to infiltrate Clowney’s twitter page one after another. Soon after that, the Jets release a statement on twitter and facebook saying that Clowney’s account has been hacked by a “rogue tweeter”!!!

David Clowney and the NY Jets, do you think we are stupid?

Here’s my opinion of how this went down, and I’ll start by saying only Clowney knows if it’s true. However, if it is, Clowney should be cut loose and someone at the Jets should be fired if they helped cover it up.

-Clowney made the comment to the fan privately, never thinking the fan would screenshot the comment.

-He gets a call from the Jets this afternoon and after his earlier Twitter incident where he was de-activated for a week by Head Coach Rex Ryan for making comments about his playing time, Clowney panics and tells the Jets his account must have been hacked.

-He then goes back on twitter and proceeds to add all of those inappropriate tweets to support his story.

-The Jets either buy Clowney’s BS or somehow are involved in  the coverup and try to extinguish the fire by announcing tonight the “rogue tweeter”.

In the end, all involved must take Jets fans for fools if they think we are to believe such garbage. Another embarrassment to a usual snakebitten NY Jets season.

No matter what the truth is, the drama Clowney brings to this team is no where worth the menial production he brings to the table. Time to punt this fool. It’s not that there isn’t enough going on in Florham that the Jets need more distractions like this. You can count that the aftermath of this incident will carry over for several days if not more.

Coach Ryan….you have a perfect person to make an example of. Time to trim the fat and make players accountable for their actions.  

Go tweet on someone elses team, Mr. August.
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