East Rutherford, NJ – The Super Bowl will be held at MetLife in five months and since the Jets probably won’t be there, they fought for the win in the Snoopy Bowl. Tom Coughlin showed an affinity for the trophy as well, kicking a field goal near the end of regulation to give his team a chance to take home the hardware in overtime…of a preseason game. But at the end of the day it was Matt Simms and Ryan Spadola once again connecting for a big gain to set the Jets up for the 24-21 win. It’s too bad that Simms, who has really proven he has quite an arm, will probably not make the 53-man roster.

Well, if you have a twitter or…I don’t know a TV turned on in your house…set to ohhh probably any channel…you’ve probably already seen Rex’s post-game press conference. If you didn’t watch the preseason game, you still probably already know it was one of the most dramatic preseason games…ever. Geno Smith did a crappy job starting in his first game, then in the fourth quarter…yes, I repeat the fourth quarter, Rex, having lost all of his marbles, put Mark Sanchez in to play. He was “protected” by guys who will be lucky to make the practice squad, let alone the roster. Rex made this stupid decision after Smith’s poor performance all but CONFIRMED (something the team just refused to do) Sanchez will be the starter week 1. So Sanchez gets injured when Giants defensive tackle Marvin Austin slams him. His shoulder is said to be “very sore” and he’ll have an MRI on it tomorrow. Rex had no answers as to why he was put in the game. The press conference, in which he tries to defend himself, is bound to go viral. Memes and GIFs are already being created. Can’t wait for the Buzzfeed post on it tomorrow….Anyway, not only can he not explain this decision, but he freaks out when asked about when they’ll announce first week starter. We can only hope this will actually remain a competition in the next week or so, depending on the severity of Sanchez’s injury.

I guess there were some other storylines tonight, even though that will be what we hear about over and over for the next few days. The Jets can’t escape drama no matter how hard they try…then again, I don’t know if they’re actually trying.

Okay, back to those other storylines….Smith had his chance to claim the starting job tonight, but proved he wasn’t deserving of it, throwing three-interceptions in the span of 12 attempts. He went 16-of-30, throwing for 199 yards. The plan was for Smith to throw mostly underneath and quickly. It would hopefully make him look good, but he ended up looking like a newbie the whole time. You can tell the organization and most of the fan base wants Smith to start, but guess what, he’s not ready. He did have a moment during the third quarter, leading the offense on a 57-yard drive to a touchdown…against the Giants’ second-string defense.

When Geno was asked to grade his performance he said, “I don’t do grades, but overall I think this is just another learning experience for me. Lots of teaching tape. Felt good to be out there with my teammates competing once again and it was a great job. It was a good team win tonight.”

But tonight was not all doom and gloom. The Jets defense looked good. They may not be top 5 yet, but pretty solid. They did give up an 84-yard run by the Giants explosive back David Wilson early in the first quarter, but after that they regrouped and didn’t give up much the rest of the game. Granted, Eli Manning wasn’t having a particularly “on” day and it was a patchwork offensive line for the Giants who lost two starters to injuries in the past week. The Jets-D put on pressure and given the amount of times the Giants were given good field position, they didn’t allow them to put many points on the board.

Who knows what’s ever going on with the Jets offense? That’s why it’s even more critical for the defense to keep it together the way they demonstrated tonight.
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