Florham Park, NJ — After suffering from a bruised lung last Sunday in the Jets loss against the Oakland Raiders, CB Antonio Cromartie is going to return this week for the game in Baltimore at the Ravens.

CB Antonio Cromartie will play this Sunday against the Ravens. What will his impact be? Will he make one? We will find out this Sunday night. (JetsInsider.com)
 “I feel 100 percent.” Cromartie said, “I have a little soreness in there but that’s about it.”

I really don’t like giving my own opinion when I write my articles, but isn’t it something what athletes can go through and still be able to come out and play the week after. Anyway, it seems that the ‘lung injury’ might win the injury of the year award (if there was one). This is already the second one of the early season and who knows how many more we might have. First was the Dallas Cowboys QB Tony Romo (punctured lung) who came back and played the week after and lead his team to a victory over the Washington Redskins. Now it’s Cromartie’s turn to top that. Will he return Sunday looking battered and bruised or will he come out with his cape on and be the hero like he was in week two. Well maybe we can swap the cape for some extra protective gear but it’s still sort of super hero-ish. (Batman perhaps)

“We have some stuff that I will wear, protection-wise.” Cromartie said, “But it’s something that’s light that I can move around real well in.”

Cromartie fully participated in today’s practice without a setback or any further complications. The only thing he and the coaching staff are not so sure about is when it’s his turn to tackle an opposing player.

“I went out today, I did some some stuff. I felt good running around.” Cromartie said,”It didn’t give me a problem catching the ball or doing anything else. So, the first thing is going to be, we’ll find out how good I feel after I make the first tackle.”

We do know that Cromartie will be avoiding gettting tackled this Sunday, because according coach Ryan, during his press conference, he made it loud and clear that his star CB will be taking the week off of those duties.
“No, he’s not going to return kicks today, or this week.  There is no chance, unless we really need him.” coach Ryan said, “It’s probably not real prudent to have him run down there and know he’s going to get hit.”
Coach Ryan is looking out for his player 100 percent but Cromartie says there are no limitations for what he can do.
“I feel like I can do it, if my body feels good. If I’m not feeling well then I know I won’t go back.” Cromartie said, “I’m a guy that’s always a competitor and always wants to be on the field at any given time.”
It looks like Cromartie needs to put his pride on the shelf this week and just go out and play a sound game and make some plays against the Ravens offense and try to do everything he can to protect his rib area. There are plenty more games for him to return kickoffs. He proved his toughness just by saying he is ready to play this week, no need to push it too far to the point of a slow return.


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