Florham Park, N.J.– The Jets have suffered through two straight embarrassing losses to put them at 9-4 with two very tough road games ahead making their playoff hopes that much harder to fulfill. Today the Jets and their fans got some more bad news that will only make it even harder for the Jets to break out of their slump.

With Kris Jenkins and Jim Leonhard already lost for the season, right tackle Damien Woody now joins them on the injury list and it looks like he will most likely miss the remainder of at least the regular season.

The Jets are holding out hope that Woody can return for the playoffs, but first the Jets have an awful lot of work to do to make sure they get to the playoffs.

The Jets suffered another terrible loss today. After losing yesterday to the Dolphins the news broke that right tackle Damien Woody would have surgery and miss the rest of the regular-season at least. (Jetsinsider.com Photo).

Rex Ryan said, “Damien won’t play this week, he’s probably going to get a scope, this week on his knee. So he’ll definitely be out this week, I’m not sure about if he’ll be ready for Chicago or not.”

Today Woody confirmed that he will indeed have arthroscopic surgery to clean out his knee on Wednesday.

The offensive line has been the rock of this Jets offense the past two seasons, even if they were having problems matching last year’s dominance over the last couple of games, and the loss of Woody is obviously going to be a tough obstacle for this team to overcome.

Woody might not be able to suit up and play during these next couple of weeks, but he will be around to offer his guidance in mental preparation.

Jerricho Cotchery said, “His presence will be around, (but) the caliber of player that your losing, that makes it tough.”

When Woody left yesterday’s game, Wayne Hunter took his spot and instantly the Dolphins Cameron Wake proceeded to be a one man wrecking crew as he repeatedly beat Hunter on what seemed like every single play. The good news for the Jets is Wake is as good as anyone else Hunter will have to lineup against, the bad news is the Jets just lost a very valuable cog to their offense and let’s be honest the offense wasn’t exactly in great shape before Woody got hurt.

“I mean it’s a huge blow. He’s a starter in this league and one of the top tackles in this league, of course there’s going to be a bit of a drop-off there, but Wayne (Hunter) is very capable of coming in.” Brandon Moore said, “I’ve practiced with him the past three weeks and we’ve been doing well, so the only thing we’re going to do this week is really exaggerate communication in practice so we don’t have any breakdowns in the game.”

Losing a player of Woody’s caliber would damage any football team, but the Jets can only play with the hand they are dealt and that means Hunter will have to get the job done for now. The players know what a loss this is, but they have faith Hunter will be able to step up and help right this ship.

Matt Slauson said, “I think it will be alright, Wayne (Hunter) is a very capable player. He’s been taking every rep in practice, so I don’t think it will be a problem.”

Hunter’s first chance at proving he can fill Woody’s shoes comes on Sunday and the Jets better hope he can. Otherwise their chances at the playoffs will take another huge hit, which is obviously the last thing this Jets team needs right now.
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