Florham Park, N.J.– All-World cornerback Darrelle Revis says he’s out for ‘revenge’ this year. As confusing as that may sound at first, once you understand who and what he is seeking revenge on things start to be come crystal clear. Revis isn’t seeking revenge on any receivers (how could he? He shut them all down), no Revis is seeking revenge on… himself?

Yup the league’s best cornerback since Deion Sanders has gone on record saying he is seeking revenge on himself, because quite simply he wasn’t happy with his own performance last season. This is great news for the Jets and their fans, but also a horrifying thought to opposing receivers and quarterbacks league wide.

Darrelle Revis recently told Hall-of-Fame receiver Michael Irvin that he is out for 'revenge.' (Jetsinsider.com Photo)

Revis recently sat down with Michael Irvin of the NFL Network for an interview and what Revis said definitely made an impression with the Hall-of-Fame receiver. Irvin asked Revis if he was satisfied with his performance last year and Revis immediately answered with a emphatic, “No.”

“Last year (with) holding out and coming in late, yeah, my game wasn’t where it needed to be. Even with the hamstring, I think the first two games and then I pulled the hamstring against Randy (Moss) and then I came back too early.” Revis said, “I wasn’t 100 percent, but that’s no excuse. I wanted to be out on the field and play.

“But I picked up the second-half of the season and finished strong, but this year is kind of like a revenge thing. I’m coming back and I’m coming back strong.”

And just like that you can hear every receiver and quarterback scheduled to play against Revis gasp with fear.

Revis is right, he did in fact get off to a rather slow start lat year and he has no problem admitting the holdout was the reason for his hamstring problems, but his slow start is still better than just about every other corner’s best day. Still after his hamstring fully healed he was back to being the dominate ‘shut-down corner’ that he is known as, as shown by him repeatedly shutting opposing teams best receivers out of the game. Think Reggie Wayne in that first playoff game in Indy last season (yeah that one catch for one whole yard game).

Just imagine the thought of Revis exacting revenge this season and the implications that comes with that thought. He didn’t simply say he was looking to avoid the slow start he had last year, no he said, “I’m coming back and I’m coming back strong.” Revis is clearly one of those special players who refuses to just be happy with past success and reputation, he doesn’t care how many people view him as the best because he is still wants to improve.

Revis has had an outstanding training camp, so outstanding in fact that there has been a recurring joke among some of us beat writers that maybe the Jets ought to force Revis to sit out a couple of plays here and there in practice. You know, to give Sanchez and his receivers an actual fair chance of completing a pass or two. Obviously the old adage of ‘to be the best you have to beat the best’ is in play here. So practicing against Revis should only help Sanchez, but sometimes Revis is just simply far too good.

Yes, the joke is pure hyperbole, but as they say there’s truth in jest. It’s great for Sanchez to get to test the best corner in the league on a daily basis and avoid having to face him on gameday, but sometimes it just doesn’t seem fair to the third-year quarterback. But as they say what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger and practicing against Revis everyday can only help Sanchez.

But Revis’ outstanding play hasn’t just been limited to training camp, one specific play comes to mind which clearly illustrates just how good he is. Against the Giants on Monday night, with seven minutes and forty seconds left in the first-half, Eli Manning tried to hit Mario Manningham in the end zone. There was only one problem with this plan, Revis was covering Manningham.

Eli threw the ball exactly where he wanted to, but Manningham couldn’t get there because Revis recognized the route and simply cut the receiver off from being able to make it anywhere near the football. All Revis did was force Manningham to take the long route around the corner, but that was enough as Manningham had no chance of making up the lost ground and hauling in the catch. The throw looked awful, but it was exactly where it was supposed to be. Normally that signifies a mix up between receiver and quarterback, but Manningham knew where he was trying to go. Unfortunately for him and his quarterback so did Revis and that was the end of that play having any chance.

Revis is all ready a household name and the general consensus has him as the clear number one cornerback, but what happens if this year’s Revis does in fact exact revenge on last year’s Revis and actually comes back stronger?

It’s hard to even imagine what type of problems an improved Revis would cause for opposing offenses, but one thing is clear 31 different offenses should be terrified of this very real possibility.

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