Florham Park, N.J. — With WR Derrick Mason entering into his 15th season, the New York Jets are looking for him to fill the void of  seven year veteran Jerricho Cotchery who was released by the team last week. Mason was offered to play for other teams but emphasized that it was not so  much about the money but leaned more towards the chance of winning now. The Jets front office was on the same page and they got the deal done.

“There were offers. I’ve been in this game going on 15 years now, and the funds weren’t necessarily number one on my list. Number one on my list was to win, and win quickly.” Mason said.

The talks swirled about Mason being hurt or feeling bad about being released by the Baltimore Ravens, who he was with since 2005, but that was not the part that bothered him. He was more angry at the fact that he was “blindsided’ by the teams decision to release him, but he understands that the game is also a business.

Derrick Mason, like the rest of the Jets are building great chemistry. With one goal in mind, the team is sure starting off on the right foot. (JetsInsider.com Photo)

“It’s the business of football, and I understand it. Was I blindsided? Yeah, I was, and when you’re blindsided, yeah you’re upset about it. It can be with any job.” Mason said.

Don’t make Mason out to be the bad guy in this situation. He is not complaining about being released. He just felt like he was going into a situation where the team was on the cusp of something special and thought his job was secure and then out of left field he was dropped like a bad habit.

“It happend to me before, and it happend to me again. It happens to everybody in this business, whether you’re great at your position or not. You’re going to be released.” Mason said.

It is time to turn over a new leaf once again for the 37 year old receiver. He has another young QB in Mark Sanchez to get acquainted with as well as one of the top receiving cores in the league. He seems to feel fine about how quickly the offense will gel together, but knows he needs to work on some things with his new teammates. When asked about it, Mason said, “Now it’s up to (Plaxico Burress), myslef  and Sanchez to get that going. I think as long as we have one common goal, it’ll get done qucikly.”

Mason, who is in the fourth quarter of his career unbelievably still plays at an extremely high level. With seemingly no injuries to his lower body throughout his career, it has helped him keep up with the younger players in the league. And now with the Jets signing him to a two year contract, he looks to be playing at that high level for a bit longer.

Yes, the team is stacked with skill at the receiving positions, but the experience of these three players are key for the team this season and will most likely make Sanchez more comfortable to look their way in time of need. 

“I think the experience is an upgrade, obviously. I have been at it 15, Plax has been at it I think over 10, close to 10, if not over 10 and Tone has been at it a very long time as well so I think the experience part is there.” Mason said.

It seems that experience will help the team get to that next level and push for the goal that everyone seems to want, which is the chance to be champions.

“I just want to win a championship this year. I’m not looking past this year. I’ll let tomorrow worry about itself and next year worry about itself. I’m worried about today and what we can accomplish this year.” Mason said.

The team sure it talking the talk and building great chemistry off the field, now let’s all see if they can make it happen come game time.

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