EAST RUTHERFORD, NJ: After the Jets’ shellacking of Buffalo yesterday 48-28, I was chatting with a friend  who covers the Jets for a major media outlet on the way down Rex Ryan’s post-game presser. He told me his boss emailed him to make sure he got plenty of Tebow stuff  for his game story.

Smart Jets fans want Tim Tebow to stay right here this season...on the bench (JetsInsider.com Photo)

Tebow stuff? 5 plays for 11 yards. How do you generate “plenty of Tebow stuff” from that?

This proves it…It’s really not the Fans who want Tim Tebow playing QB for the Jets, it’s the media. Basically because he’s a news wet dream.

Don’t get me wrong. If the Jets lose to Buffalo yesterday and Mark Sanchez continued his pre-season offensive sputter and threw 3 or 4 picks, the fans would be all over him and probably be screaming for Tebow. However, if Drew Stanton was still the Jets back-up QB the cries would be the same.

The backup QB is always the savior in waiting, whether he’s Tim Tebow, Kellen Clemens, Glenn Foley or even Matt Robinson (for those old timers).

Despite Tebow’s obvious aura as a personality and his ability to make plays at times like he did in Denver, I find it really hard pressed to think that any fan who knows the game of professional football would want this man as their starting QB…not just over Sanchez, over ANY current NFL starter. I know the retorts…”he’s a winner”, “he’s a playmaker”, “he’s the golden child” etc… Playing in the SEC, those are all good points but in the NFL it just doesn’t cut it.

It’s been clear since Tebow was drafted that he cannot throw the ball on an NFL level. Did you watch Tebow this pre-season? He had every chance to show he could be the Jets’ man but failed miserably every chance he got. We also saw yesterday with his running of the garbage wildcat package, that it’s nothing more than a gimmick which doesn’t fool anyone.

Tebow had some late game flashes in Denver last year. He beat our own Jets in the final minutes. He beat the mighty Steelers in the playoffs. But honestly… the real reason Denver was even in those games last season was not due to Tebow, it was due to their overachieving  defense. If the defense didn’t keep the games low scoring and close, it’s likely none of them would have been winnable. Do you really think that Pittsburgh playoff game would have been the same if the Steelers weren’t decimated with injuries?

I’m very happy for Mark Sanchez. He did what he had to yesterday to for now, quiet his critics. He will likely have to continue to do this all season to keep the heat off of him which is really unfair based on his past success with this team. He’s the most over-criticized QB in the NFL in my opinion. However, the majority of the heat will be from the media, and not the fans.  When any QB falters fans always scream for the backup. If Tebow wasn’t here it would be Stanton or even McElroy the fans would call for.

Bottom line is that NY is the eye of the world’s sports media hurricane. There are a lot of papers and TV/Radio ad space to sell. Whether the Jets win or lose, Tebow as QB sells.

Jets fans just want to win. Who leads them to victory is really secondary.
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