Florham Park, N.J– Those were just some of the most throw around words heard here at the Jets practice facilities today. There was no practice today, just film study which some of the players said afterwards was excruciatingly painful to watch.

“Unexcusable, I’m sorry, inexcusable.” Santonio Homes said, “Everything that happened was inexcusable, there’s no pointing fingers everybody takes the blame in our offensive room, get it corrected and get ready to roll next week.”

“You got grown men playing a sport that we love to play, object of the game is to put points on the board by any means and we went out and had zero points on the game. Unacceptable by us as a team, offense, defense (and) special teams.” Said Holmes.

Does this picture really need a caption? If a normal picture is worth a thousand words, this picture could write a novel. (Jetsinsider.com Photo)

The Jets passing game was in all sorts of disarray yesterday, but really the problem was there were just far too many dropped passes and Holmes and Jericho Cotchery led the way dropping the most passes, one of Holmes’ drops could have very well been a touchdown as he had his defender beat and looked ready to take off down field with no one in sight to catch him, there was just one tiny problem, the ball never made it’s way into Holmes’ hands.

“I don’t know, I had my eyes (on the ball). We watched the film and exactly everything played into it’s hands where it’s supposed to.” Holmes said of the specific drop, “I had my eyes follow the ball, you could see, on slow-motion, on the film that my eyes followed the ball, my hands went down on it, I just think I didn’t get my hands down quick enough to snatch it up. I think I hit it and knocked the ball down instead of picking it up.”

Braylon Edwards was asked if he thinks part of the problem on offense is the Jets focusing so much on keeping a balance that they are avoiding just going with what works.

“Yeah I think two things about it. One obviously we had some fouls-ups in there, like I said earlier we had some dropped passes that could have been huge plays for us. We had some penalties that slowed our drives, we had some miscommunication, some missed throws. There was a lot going on communication wise and also I think it’s just that we have so much talent and so much availability for different guys to succeed and have some success.” Edwards said, “I think right now it’s about us being able to harness that and being able to move forward, being able to utilize that on a consistent basis, right now I think there’s so many weapons, it’s trying to get all these weapons the ball. And maybe that’s tough, maybe that’s hard, but I’m not the guy that has to worry about that I’m just the guy that, you tell me what to do and I’m just gonna go out there and do it.”

Is this a case of having too many weapons being a bad thing? It sounds insane to ask, it’s like asking if someone has enough money, who couldn’t use more money?

Then again as the Notorious B.I.G., said more money, more problems, could that apply to the Jets offensive weapons right now? Is Brian Schottenheimer trying too hard to spread it around evenly and keep everyone happy?

“That could be, I don’t know if that’s the case. I’m not speaking for Schotty and I’m not speaking against Schotty, that definitely could be the case.” Edwards said, “You know, maybe he’s sitting back and trying to make sure the ball is being distributed equally, make sure Dustin has three, make sure Jericho, myself, make sure Brad Smith has his ‘Wildcat’ package and maybe that’s the case, if so that’s a tough job on the coordinator, trying to balance out the numbers. But like I said I don’t know if that’s the case and I’m not saying that it is, but if that is the case then it can be tough.”

As soon as any player was asked about what they saw on the tape, you just saw a look of hurt in their eyes. Not a defeated look, just a how could we come out and play like that, type of look.

“There were just so many plays out there to be had, I mean the obvious stuff was the penalties and dropped balls and stuff like that. Just little break downs here and there and that was the difference that really was the difference, especially in the run game. There were times where breakout runs was just right there and there would be just one little breakdown that prevented it so, guys are definitely frustrated.” Damien Woody said, “It was a tough meeting, you know, to really sit through and watch that tape because some of the stuff we saw, that’s just not us. That’s not a typical Jets football team, but you just got to be critical about everything, which the coaching staff were, they were critical about everything and that’s the only way your going to get better and the hardest part about this week is we got to wait until Sunday to play a game.”

“I don’t know if I’ve ever been shut out, you know like that.” Woody said, “You know what I mean, just that’s tough to be shut out at home and like I said after the game, our personal and our coaching staff are too good for something like that to happen and just after watching the tape, it validated even more that this team should not be getting shut out.”

However it was far from all gloom and doom here at the Jets facilities, the players insisted this was a fluke game and they will immediately get hard at work to bounce back strong next week. One of the most disappointing aspects of this game, was the Jets wasted their best all-around defensive performance of the season. The defense played great all game, holding the Packers explosive offense in-check and if not for all the turnovers and penalties they might have been the ones shutting the Packers out.

When Jim Leonhard was asked if he feels like this is what everyone should expect to see from the defense from here on out, now that everyone is healthy he said, “We obviously feel that way. We feel like we’re just starting to hit our stride and we’re going to try to figure out ways to win games. Whatever it takes, we’re not too far away. You know, the offense struggled yesterday, but they’ve picked us up in the past so we tried to pick them up yesterday, special teams constantly trying to pick up both sides. It happens it’s a roller-coaster ride in the NFL, you have your good games and you hope you can play a mediocre game, or a bad game and somehow sneak out a win and that didn’t happen yesterday so you don’t overreact, you know we’re not trying to reinvent the wheel this week. We’re going to get back to doing what we do well and just try and get another win.”

The game yesterday was a horrific mess, but the players are already moving past it and on to the next one.

When asked how quickly the Jets need to turn their focus to the Lions, Darrelle Revis said, “I mean we got to do that right now. I mean we watched the film, got the corrections and you just got to, I mean even with a win, you just got to throw them aside and move on to the next opponent because these weeks, they come up fast on you every week.”

“It has to be easy (to turn the page from the Packers to the Lions), you can’t dwell on a game that you lose, or win so it’s nothing new. Obviously coming out of a bye you don’t want to lose a game like that, especially play poorly you have to put it behind you quick, after today it’s over.” Leonhard said, “If you let a team beat you twice that’s a sign of a team that’s not focused and not mature to handle certain situations. So we’ll put it behind us and you know, we got a big game that we need. We win this and we get to 6-2 and we’ll be alright.”

The players all seemed to have the proper mindset to hone in on their mistakes and making sure they work extra hard to correct them. They have moved on from dwelling on the loss and turned their attention to the only thing they can control and that’s improving for the immediate future.

Today though, each and every player that was available talked about how disappointed, disgusted and embarrassed they were by the entire team’s play and as far as they (or their fans for that matter) are concerned the best way to summarize yesterday’s fiasco, is simply, inexcusable.

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