Florham Park, N.J.– It’s doubtful Rex Ryan and his coaching staff have been listening to the outrage from Jet fans about the play of Kyle Wilson, but regardless the coaching staff has reached the same conclusion as many of their fans.

That conclusion is that Kyle Wilson isn’t quite ready to be this teams number two cornerback just yet.

Today the Jet coaching staff decided they were going to start mixing Drew Coleman in with the first team defense and shift some of the pressure off of rookie Kyle Wilson by sliding him over to the nickel spot.

Rookie corner, Kyle Wilson, has looked overwhelmed and a bit confused at times this season and as a result Drew Coleman will be asked to contribute more, as Wilson focuses on playing the nickel spot (JetsInsider.com Photo).

Ryan said, “As far as the defense today, we were working Drew Coleman in there some with the ones just to not necessarily to push Kyle (Wilson) but to make sure that Drew is ready to go. I thought he closed the game out pretty well for us. He did have one missed tackle. He had a great tackle on Ronnie Brown. I think he deserves a look there, so we’ll see how that develops as the rest of the week goes on.”

Wilson has struggled so far this season often finding himself as the corner the opposing quarterback picks on most.

This, realistically, should have been expected especially considering Revis’ absence and the Jets asking Wilson to play the starting corner spot opposite of Antonio Cromartie.

Just because Wilson is struggling now doesn’t mean anyone is giving up on him and Ryan insists that this move is about giving Coleman a chance to prove what he can bring to this defense as much as it is about replacing Wilson because of his struggles.

Ryan said, “I think Kyle’s struggling a little bit, without question, but I think Drew has earned it. When we put him in, he stood up. Both of those guys will play a bunch. We think as coaches that he deserves a shot.”

Both Cromartie and Wilson are being asked to do things they aren’t used to as they adapt to this new style of defense, but Wilson is being asked to take on a role that he has almost zero familiarity with.

The Jets drafted Wilson with the intention of him playing strictly at the nickel spot for now, but due to the Revis injury he has been asked to step up during his absence. The nickel spot comes with much less responsibility and it is a role Wilson should be capable of handling, this will be a good test drive for this secondary as they get to go against a Bills offense that ranks dead last, in 32nd place, in total offense and doesn’t have many weapons that scare defenses.

When asked if he was surprised Wilson was struggling so much Ryan said, “I think, ideally, we wanted him to come in and be the nickel while he’s learning. It’s tough enough when you need to learn to play the nickel and the outside. That’s kind of hard. This guy, quite honestly, has been much better than I thought picking things up. I think the communication part (needs some work). It’s definitely not a physical thing, it’s more of a technique issue and maybe tightening the thing down a bit more. I think he’s going to be fine.”

One of Wilson’s biggest problems so far has been the fact that he hasn’t been turning his head to face the ball when trying to break-up a pass. When asked about that aspect of Wilson’s game Ryan said, “Right, you are either in control or out of control.  When you’re in control, you should play the football. If you’re out of control, you have to play through the defender, the offensive receiver. He really did a good job the first game even though he got flagged. I thought he looked back a couple of times. Clearly, the one penalty he had, it was poor judgment. It looked like the ball was going out-of-bounds anyway.  He’s playing green right now a little bit, but he studies. Everything he does is like a professional. I really think he’s going to get better, and soon.”

Coleman said, “Me and Kyle are both going to go in and we’ll help each other out, you know, the main thing we’re trying to focus on, this week as a secondary, is communicating. That was a big key last week in the game, so you know, whoever is in at the corner, nickel, whatever spot we all got to communicate and we all got to help each
other out when it comes the signs.”

When asked when he found out about his temporary promotion Coleman said, “Actually thye just told me now. I mean I went in with the ones today, Kyle and me rotated, so Coach (Ryan) just told me. ‘Make sure you’re ready.’ That’s every week. When one man goes down, I have to be ready.”

Coleman obviously played well enough to warrant the promotion in the coaches eyes, but he was far from satisfied with his overall performance. Coleman said, “I left a lot of plays out on the field. I guess I was pleased with it, but there is a lot of work we have to do as a whole. I think I played ok, but (there’s) a lot of work we still have to do.”

Ryan was asked if Coleman starts would Wilson line up on the inside, Ryan said, “I think that would be an ideal situation for Kyle.”

Well, really the ideal situation would be for Wilson to be lined up on the inside with Cromartie and Revis flanking him on both sides, but for this week this lineup will have to do.

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