FLORHAM PARK, NJ –  Braylon Edwards noted a sense of “arrogance” among Jet receivers Monday and felt they needed to return to fundamentals and see the ball into their hands. He also deemed the two pass plays in which tight end Dustin Keller and wideout Jerricho Cotchery were stripped of the balls after ostensibly securing receptions, “super flukish plays.” – excerpt from NYDailyNews.com’s Kevin Armstrong

In between teaching opposing teams how to Dougie and dropping passes in his hands, Braylon Edwards ironically says his fellow receivers need to stop being so arrogant and catch the ball. Hhmm. (JetsInsider.com Photo.)

There are a few alarming contradictions with this statement from Edwards. For starters, it’s coming from the mouth of Braylon Edwards. You know the guy who is teaching everyone how to Dougie, one touchdown celebration at a time. Yeah, the same guy who put himself and teammates in jeopardy by getting behind the wheel of a car while having  a BAC of .16. It’s true, Edwards is preaching “seeing the ball into their hands”, even though he himself has  ho-hum reception rate of 51%. In an unrelated note, Edwards’ hands recently have taken over the main sponsorship duties of Butterfinger from the lovable Bart Simpson.

But all jokes aside, Edwards does make a strong point. All season long, fans and critics alike have been raving about the Jets receiving corps, that on paper, they may very well have the best in the league. Unfortunately for the Jets offense, the game isn’t played on paper. Edwards, a former first-round pick and Pro Bowler, and Santonio Holmes, also a former first-round pick and a Super Bowl MVP, have the big play ability and attitude, but the big play has been few and far between all the check-downs and under thrown deep balls.

The sooner the Jets receivers can put aside their egos and career numbers aside, the sooner their team numbers will increase.

In the same interview after saying his teammates would have to put their arrogance aside, he was told he was targeted a mere four times in Sunday’s game. His response? A sarcastic, arrogant one. “Was it that many?”

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