For the second time, the legendary, future Hall of Famer, grizzled veteran experienced quarterback Packers Jets and all other tags, retired today.

Unlike his tearful press conference last year when he hung it up in Green Bay, Favre had his agent call the Jets. I saw it on ESPN this morning, and they wouldn’t shut up about it, so that means it must be a big deal.

The Jets organization offered kind words and praise for what Favre did for the organization, but let’s take a closer look at what he didn’t do. He didn’t make the playoffs with a roster that featured more Pro Bowlers than any in the league. He didn’t have any overly magical moments. The most magical for Gang Green was the early Christmas present that transpired late in the home game against Buffalo, and that was Abram Elam and Shaun Ellis’ doing. Favre didn’t have the most impressive QB rating, especially not when it counted.

But I digress. What Favre did do aside from throw a ton of interceptions was put butts in seats at Jets’ home games. He revitalized a franchise that needed it, and made the Jets noteworthy in the New York tabloids next to the neighborhood bully-Giants. He gave fans someting to cheer for, and provided playoff and even Super Bowl hope. Let’s not get too critical of Favre for the Jets not making the postseason, that was Manstupid’s fault.

C’mon Jets fans, you can’t blame a guy who was given not even one full standard NFL season to learn a totally new offense and mesh with new players and coaches. All that considered, Favre held up admirably. And let’s not forget about handling the brutal New York/New Jersey media. Remember Matt Millen-gate? Favre kept his cool at that press conference, as hard as it was to witness.

While he didn’t retire on top, something many sports critics will fault him for, Favre went out how he wanted to, playing. Not necessarily at his highest level, but a high enough level nonetheless, and what’s wrong with that? The guy just wanted to suit up and play ball.

He’s a genuine, American guy with a good heart. While the Jets certainly aren’t in the best shape heading into 2009 at the quarterback position, they’re not totally screwed, and even if you think they are, they and you had to know what you were getting yourself into back in August when everyone went Favre crazy back in good old Hempstead. Ah, remember when innocence still existed? When there was true hope, and not Shaun Ellis hurdling snow chunks at Seattle fans after losing a must-win out west. Maybe the snow would’ve been more useful to avoid a meltdown, but it happened, and here we are.

Jets owner and CEO Woody Johnson said in his statement that Brett Favre will always be a part of the Jets family. Kind words, and a class act from Johnson, but I hope he wasn’t thinking Favre may enter the HOF as a Jet. C’mon, there’s a reason he had his agent call Florham Park instead of crying at a nationally-covered press conference. He’s just done, and the Jets are left to clean things up after the fun and wild party.

You like Clemens or Ratliff?

Same old Jets…
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