Florham Park, NJ — In now the third season Rex Ryan has been the head coach of the New York Jets he has made it a point to have his team focused on the ‘us against the world’ type attitude. To some, his extremely high confidence level has come off as the wrong thing to do and he has been looked upon as a negative aspect (once again, not all but some fans). The swagger of Ryan for the past two season has been a positive thing for this organization but with the team now flooded with stars, is it backfiring on him?

On the field problems could be blamed on the players, they need to execute but when there is trouble in the locker room, that falls on the coach 100 percent. Rex needs to take control of his team. (JetsInsider.com Photo)

Some players within the locker room have been letting themselves be heard in public without trying to keep it under the radar like a professional should know how to do. WR Santonio Holmes was the first to step up and put his QB Mark Sanchez on blast, along with the play calling ability from the offensive side of the ball. That situation was quickly swept under the rug probably because of the contract the Jets just gave him and he is one of their star players. Coach Ryan made it clear last Thursday in his press conference that everything in his locker room was fine, but is it? Now, with the trading of WR Derrick Mason to the Houston Texans, it only raises some more ears about the problems coming from within and how bad they could really be.

My theory is…. If the team was 4-1 at this point in the season, nobody would even be discussing this right now, but since the team is on a three game skid and going into the next few games where they are most likely not favored to win, it is blowing up rather quickly. It just goes to show you, when a team is winning players can careless about the production they are having. They might care a little bit but in the back of their heads they know not to mess anything up. On the other hand, when a team is losing and going into another tough stretch of games, everything seems to come out very quickly and players don’t filter their thoughts before they speak them or tweet them.

In order for coach Ryan to gain control of this locker room again (not completely out of control but definitley on the fritz) the team must win some games. Winning conqueres all. This might sound a little ridiculous, but winning can heal a broken heart.

The Jets have to take this Monday night game at home against a wounded Miami Dolphins team and go off on them. Their offense needs to build a rhythm and their defense needs to step up to the plate and be clutch in times of need. The team must play as a whole and go hard all four quarters. If the Jets could come out Monday night and do just that, as well as following it up with some big wins against the San Diego Chargers then their bye and coming back and maybe winning two against the hot Buffalo Bills and take revenge on the New England Patriots in week 10, then all of this nonsense going on right now will be forgotten about, but until then, my prediction is it will get a lot worse before it gets better. Trust me, the fans don’t want to see that happen… do they?
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