East Rutherford, N.J.– Walking into the stadium the lightning lit up the sky, dampening the literal fireworks the fans were letting off in the parking lot.

This type of lightning storm is something you might be used to if you lived in Florida. Thelightning was fierce enough to send the fans scampering out of their seats (okay maybe because they were ordered to over the P.A. system) and caused an announcement at 6:15, that the game would be delayed at a minimum of 30 minutes.

Was the storm a good omen or bad omen? Have the football gods been so angered with the back-and-forth trash-talk or are they simply preparing us for things to come?

Mark Sanchez won't be protected by a red jersey or a thunderstorm as he prepares to battle the Ravens.

The storm seems to have lightened up, with rain still steadily sprinkling down. It doesn’t appear the delay will be much more than the 30 minutes they announced.

According to www.weather.com we could be facing lightning until around 7:00, so maybe it’s clearing up only to come back or of course the weatherman, or in this case machine, could be wrong, that has to have happened before right?

After the 7:00, mark the weather-machine says the rain will clear up, but that won’t do anything to prevent these two teams from having to battle it out on a very sloppy and wet field.

There is no doubt that while the actual storm appears even more to be clearing up, there is another storm brewing and it is about to be unleashed.

One thing is guaranteed about this game, both teams will come to play and will bring all the intensity you expect and more. The scenes inside each teams locker room, as they prepare to storm the field, is something, “Hark Knocks,” sure wishes they had access to.

The crucial keys and match-ups have been talked dissected from every angle, it’s time to strap on the helmet and bring everything they have. With many offenses struggling in yesterday’s games, and consider the teams playing, expect a defense dominated low scoring affair.

Whichever defense’s bite inflicts more damage than their bite should come out the victor, either way you should expect to hear both sides talking loudly after the game.

They players have taken to the field and a 7:25 kickoff time has been announced. It’s almost game time soon, we shall see who wins this highly-anticipated heavy-weight contest.

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