Oakland, CA — Jets 17 – Raiders 17

In the first half of the Jets at Raiders game we have seen some ups and downs.

Positive: First of all the Jets run game has seemed to resurrect from the dead and both backs are putting up big numbers catching and running out of the backfield. Their offensive line has been protecting QB Mark Sanchez even without their reliable center Nick Mangold. We have not heard Colin Baxter name at all in the first half and the rule is ‘no news is good news’. Let’s see if the young man can keep it up in the second half. Also Sanchez has only one real mistake under his belt with the interception that should have never even left his hand, but it is in the past so let’s move on. His play has been good so far. Lastly the Jets special teams is on top of their game so far. Jeremy Kerley is making things happen in the punt return game.

Negative: The Jets defensive line needs more push and stop giving QB Jason Campbell so much time in the backfield. Also their run defense seems to be not up for it this game and Darren McFadden is running up and down the field with ease. Lastly secondary penalties are hurting the Jets chances on stopping drives. Like Sanchez said last week, penalties are “drive killers”. They need to tighten some things up in order to get passed this pretty good Oakland Raider team.
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