I’ll start this of by repeating that I love the fact that we’ve got Brett Favre on the team from an entertainment perspective, but that it’s wrong for us long-term.

We’ve got 8 quarters of live NFL football to judge our new quarterback, and it’s not pretty. What we now know:

1. Putting Brett Favre in an offense designed for Chad Pennington isn’t working. Favre’s dinks/dunks aren’t any more effective than Chad’s. The occassional long-ball is a big win but the more-than-occassional huge mistake is a big loss. Right now, Favre looks like Chad The Game Manager with a bigger arm and a bigger ego. With Chad, was either a single or a walk. With Favre, it’s either a home run or a strikeout. In this offense, Favre’s downside is looking worse than Chad’s mediocrity.

2. Favre’s only brilliant play was the in-step TD to Cotchery in his very first quarter down in Miami.

3. Favre’s midfield Hail Mary’s only have a 25% success rate. The others were either close to being turnovers or were intercepted. The jump-ball TD in Miami was luck, not an offensive strategy.

4. Favre’s not seeing open receivers, he’s throwing up too many prayers, he holds onto the ball too long, he’s taking too many risks, he’s getting hit and fumbling, he’s tossing interceptions to the other team, he’s taking 25 yard losses on sacks, and he weakens as the games progress.

It’s 2 games into a long season and its no time to be too critical or panic. But the reality is that the Jets don’t know what to do with Favre and he’s not a great fit for an offense that is built on ball control and mistake-free operation. The Jets aren’t good enough to overcome blunders, and to date, Favre’s turnovers and drive-killing decisions almost cost us the Miami game and did cost us the Patriots game.


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