We will now interrupt your regularly scheduled programming of draft previews to discuss the issue that those rumors of a potential holdout for Darrelle Revis just might be true after all. The rumors have been rumbling for the past few weeks, but last night Revis, speaking at a charity event where he was being honored by Big Brothers Big Sisters NYC, gave life to those rumors.

A few weeks ago when the rumors first started surfacing many people thought it was a reporter trying to create a problem that didn’t yet exist, but there’s another possibility most never considered. Maybe that reporter started asking those questions because someone’s agent planted the idea in the reporter’s ear. Agents use the media to fight their battles and get their message across all the time and one of Revis’ agent, Neil Schwartz, is as shrewd a manipulator of teams and the media as anyone, as we all experienced two years ago.

Here we go again? Rumors have been swirling that Darrelle Revis might hold out for a second time and last night he said nothing to dispel those rumors. (JetsInsider.com Photo)

Maybe everyone is jumping the gun here and Revis has no plans to hold out and was just caught off guard last night, but then again if that was the case he could’ve ended the discussion last night. All Revis had to do was give a emphatic, “no,” to the question of whether he will holdout. A simple no dismissing the idea as something that shouldn’t even be considered at this point would put any speculation to bed, but that’s not the road he choose to take last night. Instead he said, “I just don’t know. I’m not saying I am going to hold out. I’m not saying I’m not going to hold out. I just don’t know. Right now my focus is being on the team.”

Strictly from a business stand point, which remember football is a brutal business, it’s easy to see why Revis might choose to exercise his right to hold out. It would be a smart business move to consider using the leverage that he has to guarantee himself more money down the line. Not only is he the best player on the team and the one player the entire defensive scheme is built around, but this is widely considered to be a make or break season for Mike Tannenbaum, and some are suggesting the same for Rex Ryan, can they really afford to go into this season without their best player? Probably not. Which is precisely why he might very well decide to hold out and the fact that he danced around the question instead of saying no leads many to believe it’s not a matter of if, but when.

Fan favorite doesn’t even begin to describe Revis and how Jets fans feel about him, most fans supported him during the last holdout (though some started to bail towards the end), but considering the torture of the last holdout just two years ago, Revis returning to pull his hamstring, the fact that he still has two years left on his contract again and the way last season ended, though no fault of his own, fan favorite or not, Jets fans aren’t going to like the sound of their star cornerback sounding like Dwight Howard.

Teams ask player’s to rework their contract every year, often it benefits the player with guaranteed money, but just as often the team simply flexes their muscles and says a player isn’t worth their current contract and if the player doesn’t agree to take a pay cut they will be looking for a new team. This is the business of football, it’s ugly and it’s unforgiving. Look at how teams use, chew up and spit out running backs these days, before you go fully condemning any player for cashing in on their leverage.

“My agents are going to do the best for me and try and do what’s best for me. It’s my career and I’m in control of it what I can do. I know I’m under contract.” Revis said, “We’ll hash that out when the time comes. I know things have come out and that’s that. If anything does happen in the future of me being here, I have two years left. If it’s for my future to be here, then it is. If it’s not, for me to be somewhere else, then it is. We’ll address that when the time comes.”

Earlier today after ESPN’s Adam Schefter tweeted Revis quote, “I’m not saying I will hold out. Im not saying I won’t hold out.” NFL player agent Howard Shatsky (agent to Marcus Dixon and others) tweeted, “Translation, he will hold out.”

All of this makes it sound like last night was just the preview to ‘Revis Holdout: Part 2,’ coming sometime this summer.
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