Florham Park, NJ — With the Jets coming off a three game skid and their team chemistry looking like it is falling apart from the inside out, this Monday night game is huge. Coach Rex Ryan and his team have had their problems in the past with this divisional team but can it turn in his favor tomorrow night? Both teams have had their struggles so far this season and now they will matchup in primetime and we will see who can out last the mistakes.

Pressure is moutning in Gang Green land and something needs to give in order for them to get back to their winnning ways. Their troubles have been blamed on everyone and coach Ryan needs to get his team back to where he wants them to be. (JetsInsider.com Photo)

The Miami Dolphins have been a thorn in the side of the Jets for the past two and a half seasons that Ryan has been the head coach. For what reason, nobody knows but coach Ryan has an idea.

“They are 0-4, (but) they’ve been in every game.” Ryan said, “This is a competitive team.  (They are) a very physical football team.”

Ryan gave that sort of ‘everyone is a professional’ answer when asked the question Thursday afternoon during his press conference and he is completely right. The Dolphins, yes, have had their troubles but the team is still filled with professional athletes and a good coach in Tony Sparano, so anything could happen.

The Jets as a TEAM need to get it together and focus on helping eachother out instead of throwing people under the bus. For one thing the offense needs to get off to a fast start. I feel like I repeat myself every week but until they show some sign of aggressiveness I will continue to bark at them for the lack of play and play calling. QB Mark Sanchez is on the same page when it comes to getting off to a quick start.

“I think some of the execution stuff has to be better.” Sanchez said, “The throwing and catching, we’ve got to be better than we were.  And trying to start faster on offense has been a big push this week.”

Can this team offensively be successful? Once again Sanchez has the floor.

“Absolutely. I think if we convert a couple of those third downs, who knows what happens on the rest of the drives. Then we’re sitting here at 3-2 and everybody is saying, ‘Wow, they really turned it around.’ Sanchez said, “So you lose a couple games in a row and of course people want to question the system and the coaching staff or players, whatever it is. But this is basically the same group and the same system that has gotten us to back-to-back AFC Championships. We’re just not executing very well. And that’s on me as a leader to assert myself and make sure we’re doing the right things.”

The Dolphins middle of the pack offense cannot score so look for the Jets defense to step up this week for the first time since the win against the Jacksonville Jaguars in week two when they only gave up three points. They need to focus on the deep threat of WR Brandon Marshall. He has not had a great season so far but the defense cannot take that for granted but I think the Jets corners and safety’s can stop him.  

Lastly, the offensive line of the Jets showed some sort of life last week against the New England Patriots with C Nick Mangold back on the field. Look for that aspect of their team play to be on point as well. Plus the run game has shown improvement but still can use some more push from the backs and blocking from the offensive lineman.

I understand everyone is looking at the Jets as a complete negative right now but if they get this win Monday and the team’s chemistry could build back up (because it seems to be falling) they could potentially turn this train around and start moving back up hill. It all starts from within for any professional franchise. If everyone is on different wavelengths then it will never work. Team work and love for your players and coaches comes before all, the execution and game plan comes second. The love might return to New York this week if the Jets can go out there and play well against the Dolphins. If not, come Tuesday morning, this city will eat them alive.
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