Buffalo, NY — The Jets went into today’s game with a chance to be tied for first place in the division with a win and a New England Patriots loss. The Jets have taken care of theirs, which is the number one rule in sports, always win your game. This was much more than just another win for Gang Green. By winning today, the feeling in New York has changed and the ‘swagger’ seems to be back.

The Jets 'swag' is coming alive once again. All around team win this afternoon in Buffalo. Defense on point. Offense played well. The wagon is starting to roll again. (JetsInsider.com Photo)

Offensively the Jets played pretty well. They got off to the fast start that they always talk about but when QB Mark Sanchez threw the interception on their opening drive, it was one of those ‘here we go again’ types of performances. Once again they struggled to capitalize in the first half. With penalties and almost two interceptions by Sanchez but it was the defense that stepped up and had the offenses back.

“We had a lot of self inficting wounds in the first half especially on offense but we moved the ball up and down the field and defensively, we had a good beat on them. They were struggling to get yards and then it was nice getting that turnover, it kind of jump started everything.” Jim Leonard said.

The Jets defense not only stopped the passing game but really shut down the Bills run game as well. RB Fred Jackson is one of the best backs in the game right now and they made it seem like he called out sick. His running was stopped as well as his catching passes out of the backfield. This was one the main focuses for New York this Sunday and they got the job done.

“You knew you had to put a lot of focus on him.” Leonard said, “He’s hurt everybody up to this point this year and if you take him out then you have a chance. We were able to do that especially early.”

This is the first win on the road for the Jets this season and it couldn’t of come at a better time. It seems like a long time ago that the team was coming off a three game losing streak and everyone had coounted them out but with the coaches and players making adjustments they have now come back and won three in a row and are this close to being tied for the division lead.

“We knew it was going to be a tough game. Buffalo is undefeated here and they are playing really well, well coached team, so we knew it was going to be a tough game and that’s really what it was.” Coach Rex Ryan said.

Ryan understood that his team was going into a rough game but he had the confidnece in his boys that they could and would handle the task at hand.

“I also knew our team would come out with guns blazing.” Ryan said. “Finally happy to get a win off of a bye week so that’s good fianlly got that monkey off my back. Our guys were loose and focused. We are at our best when we play that way and obviously we had too many penalties in the first half, we turned the ball over and that was the biggest disappointment, but I like the way our team played overall.”

Coach Ryan seems like a happy camper after this big win in Buffalo. His team has now won three games in a row and it seems like all cylinders are starting to click on the football field. The offenseive line is protecting their QB as well as opening up holes for their RB’s to run through and their defense doesn’t need any boost because it has come up big and we are now seeing the physical style of defense coach Ryan has been preaching since day one.

QB Mark Sanchez who was (20/28 – 230 yards – TD-INT) this afternoon is starting to come around as well. He still needs to be more consistent in that first half of the game but he has shown some improvement in the last few weeks.

“I thought we sustained a couple of really good drives and then just gave it away at the end, we just have to be better in the red zone, can’t throw picks like that it will get you beat.” Sanchez said.

On a more positive note… He is spreading the ball around a lot more now. He is not only focusing on TE Dustin Keller and trying to force throws that don’t belong. He is getting WR Plaxico Burress more involved as well as WR Santonio Holmes who now seems to be content with his contribution on the field.

“The confidence that he (Sanchez) had in me and believing in me that he can deliver a pass between what? two or three defenders in the red zone and he placed it only where I can catch it and I knew I had to grab it and pull it down and made a big play from it.” Holmes said about his circus touchdown catch.

The chemistry is making a come back and players are on the same page. The wheels on the Jets wagon are starting to roll and they need to keep rolling if they want this division to be theirs


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