Florham Park, N.J.– The Jets are coming off this bye week well-rested and as healthy as they have been since the season began. With an extra week of rest and preparation the team is looking to build off it’s 5-1 start and continue their winning ways.

Yesterday at Rex Ryan’s press conference Ryan started with the shortest opening statement he has given all season, Ryan said,  “Injuries: Calvin Pace was limited in practice today with that foot. In other words, we took a few reps off him. He’ll be fine. Guys that were full: Nick Mangold (shoulder) and Darrelle Revis (hamstring). That’s it. That’s all we’ve got. We’re healthy. Coming off the bye, we expected to be (healthy), but we’re ready to roll.”

Today’s opening statement was even shorter. Ryan began saying, “Alright, good news. Everybody was full today. The only guys on the injury report, Nick Mangold (shoulder), Calvin Pace(foot), Revis (hamstring) all fully participated today.”

This is certainly music to Jets fans ears.

Calvin Pace is the only Jet that has been limited in practice this yesterday, but he will not be limited on game day. (Jetsinsider.com Photo).

One of, if not the, biggest subplots to the season so far has been Darrelle Revis and the status of his hamstring. Will he or won’t he play? Should he play or should he sit another week? The Jets decided on a little of both, they sat him for two games, then they brought him back, admittedly a week too soon. That didn’t stop them from playing him in the next game on a short week. He looked much better in the Denver game, but still was clearly not quite 100 percent, now with another week off, filled with treatment, he is just that.

When asked how he spent his bye week Revis said, “All day, I was over here (Jet’s training facilities), just trying to knock it out. This was a good week of rest for me to do that. (It was) the best time, where I can come out and where I can get (my hamstring) 100 percent and get ready for the second half of the season.”

Ryan was asked how Revis has looked back fully practicing and said, “He looked great. You see that competitive spirit that he always has (in) those one-on-ones. He doesn’t want anyone catching anything. Our defense is giving him looks. He’s not giving up completions. He’s back to being Darrelle out there.”

Now with a healthy Revis and Cromartie playing as well as he is, the Jets have a deadly one-two combination at the corner spot and quarterbacks are going to have a hard time deciding who to pick on. It’s still not known exactly how the two corners will match-up and who they will play against each week, it will probably switch based on match-ups.

“That’s the beauty of it. We can be flexible now. We can do whatever we want. We can play right and left.” Ryan said, “We can match Darrelle on the top guy. We can match Cromartie on the top guy. We’ll let them try to figure it out.”

While Calvin Pace is still being limited in practice it’s still just a precautionary measure, as his foot hasn’t seemed to bother him at all while he has been playing. When was the last time Pace felt this healthy? Pace said, “First day of training camp (laughing), but I feel good. More so mentally, (it was good) just to get away (and) just to get refreshed. Not looking at any football for a week was good.”

Nick Mangold injured his shoulder during the Patriots game in week two and while Rob Turner came in and played well replacing Mangold on a touchdown drive, that was the only drive Mangold missed. At every press conference since, Ryan has had to mention Mangold’s name in the injury report, but never once did you see any doubt in Ryan’s eye that Mangold would play and play to his expected exceptional level. Watching any of the games following that Patriots game, it’s hard to see where Mangold could possibly be hurting because he is playing through the pain showing no signs of it hurting and still dominating his opposition.

So three names on the injury list, one that hasn’t been an issue except for that one drive (Mangold), one that everyone agrees is back at 100 percent (Revis) and one who the Jets are playing it safe with, but there have been no signs to point to Pace being hampered by the injury during a game.

5-1, well rested and fully healthy the Jets focus now is to steadily improve each and every week with their full arsenal of weapons.

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