Sloppy, banged up Jets are no match for NFC elite Niners. Team is embarrassed at home.

EAST RUTHERFORD, NJ – The Jets lined up against the 49er’s in MetLife Stadium and played in one of the worst performances in their franchise’s history.

To make matters worse, the Jets—who have already lost their defensive star Darrelle Revis for the season—lost their offensive star, Santonio Holmes with a non-contact foot injury after making a sliding catch in the 4th quarter.

“I was going to say we got our butt kicked, but we got our ass kicked,” Rex Ryan said after the game.  “Here’s the recipe for getting your ass kicked: Two for 13 on third down, that’s 15 percent, four turnovers, a blocked punt when they rushed one guy and giving up 245 yards rushing.  How’s that for a recipe?”

Players shared the same frustration their coach showed in the locker room.  “Everybody should be pissed the way we just got our ass whooped at home,” said Antonio Cromartie.

Even another dismal game by QB Mark Sanchez, Coach Rex Ryan says he's standing by his man. ( Photo)

“The biggest thing is everyone has to do their job, but do it better,” said Yeremiah Bell.  “You know what it is, you’re telling me.  It’s tackling, it’s third down.  We know what to do but it’s on each individual guy to go out there and get it done.  We know where we are hurting at, that’s not the thing.  It’s just executing.  It’s becoming a real problem and something we have to take care of right now.”

Chaz Schilens, who was the Jets most effective offensive weapon, said it’s just a case of needing to be better.  “Honestly, when we were out there we executed on drives and then they went horribly wrong,” said Schilens.  “We get back out there and start to drive and it would go wrong.  It seemed like we executed to a point then shot ourselves in the foot.  If we would’ve done what we were supposed to do it wouldn’t have been that score, at all.”

LaRon Landry showed the same frustration saying, “I hate losing.  Any competitor would hate losing.  I wish I had pads on and I wish I could start over, but you can’t do that.   Any loss is a tough loss, even more so when you’re at home in front of your fans.

Mark Sanchez finished the game 13/29 for 103 yards, throwing one interception, losing a fumble and finished with a 39.9 quarterback rating.  “It’s upsetting, frustrating.  This is not the way we imagined this way going and just left too many opportunities out on the field,” said Sanchez.  “It just wasn’t our best.”

The Jets traded punts in the first half until 49er’s backup quarterback Colin Kaepernick rushed for a seven yard touchdown out of a Wildcat formation.  When asked if the 49er’s caught the Jets by surprise Kaepernick said, “Maybe a little bit.  We’ve never shown it before, but you still have to play defense.”

(Colin Kaepernick called running on the Jets “easy.”  If this doesn’t put them on notice, nothing will).

The Jets had two possessions in the first half with good field position but couldn’t capitalize.  They went three and out starting at their own 45-yard line and Sanchez was strip sacked on a drive that started on the 49er’s 47-yard line.  “It was a huge mistake on my part,” said Sanchez.  “I know we were in field goal range, that’s why it looked cloudy with my read.  Guys weren’t open so I took off to gain a couple of extra yards to make an easier field goal and I let go off the football.”

A David Akers field goal put the 49er’s ahead 10-0 at halftime, where the wheels fell off for the Jets.

The Jets started the second half gaining 25 yards in three plays, but a Sanchez screen pass was tipped at the line of scrimmage and intercepted.  “You invite the rush and throw it right over them.  He made a pretty good play they always try and tip it and usually that ball goes right through.  That sucked that was tough,” said Sanchez.

After two more Jets three and outs and defending a short field, the Jets defense finally caved allowing a 48-yard touchdown drive capped off by a fourth and one touchdown run by Frank Gore.

The next Jets drive dragged into the fourth quarter, where Holmes caught a four-yard pass and let go off the football while grabbing his leg due to injury.  Carlos Rogers picked the loose ball off the floor and returned it 51 yards for a touchdown while the Jets watched another one of their playmakers lay in the ground in pain.  A punch to the gut to this Jets team.  “He fell down and I was just going to tag him down,” said Rogers.  “Next thing you know, the ball popped out and I just tried to scoop it.  I guess I surprised myself because it took me two or three times to scoop the ball.  Once I got it, there was a parade of defenders there and I just took it in.”

The Jets special teams added the final straw, as Robert Malone’s punt was blocked which soon led to a Kendall Hunter rushing touchdown to create the 34-0 final score.

Sanchez’s job security is safe, as both him and Ryan both shot down the notion that his job is in jeopardy.

If any positive encouragement is needed, look no further than Tim Tebow (who threw and completed his first pass with the Jets) to wrap up this game recap.

“It could be one of the best things to happen to us all season, you know?  When you have defeats like this, were you get beat up and beaten in every phase, it’s something you can rally behind and motivate you.  Different teams that I’ve been on have had losses like this and I feel we have rallied back because you don’t want to feel like this again.  It kind of puts you on edge a little bit.  When you’re in meetings you’re a little more focused, on the practice field you’re going a little bit harder, you go in the weight room and you’re lifting a little bit more.  I think it could be the best thing that happens to us all year.”

Thank you Tim, everyone needed some encouraging words.
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