EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. — Can’t blame this one on the defense. Yes, that’s how I am going to start this game wrap up. Rex Ryan’s Jets came into this game today fired up, and in a must win situation the offense couldn’t get the job done once again. This has been the problem most of the season for this team, I call it ‘loss of identity’ and today they still couldn’t dig down deep and get the job done.

Here is where the problem comes into play with teams who have a mediocore offense. The trouble brews when the defense is relied on too much to do the right thing. All game the Jets defense stopped the run and kept QB Eli Manning’s completion percentage down (9-27, 225 yds, 1 td, 1 int, 61.5 QB rtg), as they were doing this, it felt like the offense of the Jets was just ‘showing up’ instead of being competitive. Maybe this lack of aggression on offense is due to the play calling. I hate to blame the coaches when the players do not do their job correctly but someone has to be blamed in these situations. The Jets have seem to completely give up on their old ‘positive’ ways from last season and now they think QB Mark Sanchez is a throwing quarterback, well guess what Rex Ryan… he’s not. Sanchez finished the day (30-59, 258 yds, 1 td, 1 int, 54.2 QB rtg).

Giants WR Victor Cruz prances over Jets S Eric Smith en route to a 99 yard TD pass right before halftime. (JetsInsider.com Photo)

When it comes to giving up their ‘old ways’ coach Ryan begs to differ and said that was not the game plan per say but due to certain circumstances it was kind of forced upon them.

“We were running the ball effectively but when you fall behind like that by a couple of scores we needed to speed it up and that’s why we did that.” Ryan said.

Speed it up? It’s not like they were down by some astronomical amount, plus, their defense was keeping them in the game as much as they could. There is no excuse to throw the football 59 times. That is a complete head scratcher for any team, especially for the Jets and coach Ryan knows it.

“Obviously we are not really built to play that game but you know it is what it is.” Ryan said.

It sounds like the coach is contradicting himself by saying his team is not built for this and if that’s the case, why have you been playing this style of offense the entire season? It was all about ‘ground and pound’ last season and even was preached in training camp but it seems like as soon as the season started they were all about something different and it really is not working out for them, why? Because the team is not built for it… I could’ve told you that.

The young QB is not built to be a passing star. Mark Sanchez can make things happen late in games but when you have a kid like this who you know isn’t the next Peyton Manning, you have to call the game around his style of play and that was not the case today. Sanchez is taking full responsibility for the lack of offensive consistancy.

“I left a lot of completions out there” Sanchez said, “I missed a couple of throws accuracy wise and physically but we just missed somethings in the passing game and that can’t happen when you’re playing a good defense.”

He missed more than a couple of throws but Sanchez is not the one to blame for this season… (In my opinion). The coaching staff lost the identity of the team as soon as training camp ended.

As far as the Jets defense goes, they were the only reason why the team was able to hang around for so long and they even had a chance to make a game winning drive with just over two minutes to go from deep in their own territory. The defense stopped the run until late in the game when it was pretty much over and they also stopped the pass except for one play by WR Victor Cruz who caught a short pass from Manning and went 99 yards for a score. They held Manning to only 9 completions, which is usually unheard of.

CB Darrelle Revis knew this was a big game and also knows his team made some mistakes when it counted most.

“This was a big game for us. In big games you can’t make mistakes. As well as we did play on defense, there were a couple of plays that we gave to them. The Giants took advantage of our mistakes.” Revis said.

Can’t really fault the defense that much but it’s a team game and everyone is a part of the winning as well as the losing.

The Jets playoff chances are now extremely slim and yes mathamatically they are still in it but a lot has to happen in order for them to back in. Spirits are high but the team and their coach are also thinking realistically.

“I am not going to say we are out of it or maybe I should, but clearly if you don’t learn this football game, it’s not in your control anymore. A lot of things have to happen… But clearly we lost control of our own destiny.” Ryan said.

That is the biggest thing taken away from this game, that the team lost conrtol of their own destiny and I personally think it was lost before the season began.
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