Florham Park, NJ– It’s still preseason, the kinks of a new offensive system are still being worked out, the receiving core has been depleted with injuries and the offensive scheme through the first two games was as vanilla as could be, but the Jets aren’t using any of these reasons as an excuse. They know they have to get better and they have full confidence that they will improve and be ready for the regular season.

“Offensively, the production is not there, obviously through the first two weeks on the scoreboard or whatever, but this is a work in progress. You put in a brand-new offense, it is a work in progress and when it’s all said and done, we are going to be productive on offense. It’s simple as that. As a football team, we’re going to play complimentary football. Sometimes our offense is going to have to score 30 points, sometimes our defense is going to have to give up 10 or less, sometimes special teams is going to have to pick them both up.” Rex Ryan said, “That’s what we’ve always talked about and that’s what I believe. I believe wholeheartedly that our offense is going to be a very productive offense. Have we seen it totally in the preseason games? No, we haven’t. There have been some mistakes. But I’ve seen enough of good things that I believe as we start putting this thing together that you’re going to see more and more positive things. I think when it’s all said and done by the time we kick this season off, I think we’ll be where we need to be.”

Rex Ryan knows this offense simply isn't playing good enough right now. He seen some positives, but knows he needs to see more and he has complete and total confidence he will see more in time for week one. (Jetsinsider.com Photo)

Surely some of you are thinking ‘positives? What positives?’

“When you look at it, yeah you would like to score 40 points or something. It’s a work in progress. It’s not even the fact that we’re not showing everything. That’s not it. I see some of the things that we’re stressing.” Ryan said, “For instance, Nick Mangold, that might have been the best game that I’ve seen Nick Mangold play and here’s a Pro Bowl center, the way he was blocking downfield on plays. I see us doing some little things that are going to pay dividends for us in the long haul. I see us getting movement on the double teams, all of those type of things. I see Shonn Greene running behind his pads again. There were positive things.

“I think the big thing when you look at it is you’re looking for positives (but) when you get beat like that, there’s obviously plenty of negatives. There were a lot of positives. I thought we were more efficient in the running game than we were in Week One against a good opponent. I was happy with that. Obviously defensively, you hold a team to under four yards a play. I think that’s pretty good. The rushing defense, 1.3 (average yards per rush) against the starters, 1.8 overall in the game. I think that was good.”

But this isn’t Ryan being delusional, don’t worry he acknowledged the negatives too. Well negative, singular, as in the problem at right tackle.

“Now, there were some negative things. Everybody in this league is going to get beat. Even Darrelle Revis gets beat. Brandon Moore gets beat. It’s very rare for both those guys. But you come back and you play fundamentals. You clean up your fundamentals. That’s something where we have to fall back on. We talk about Wayne Hunter where he got beat by (Jason) Pierre-Paul. He’s not the only one in the league that’s going to get beat by Pierre-Paul. That is one heck of a football player. With that said, could his fundamentals be better? Of course, absolutely. That’s what I’m stressing to him. We’ve got to get back to playing technique and fundamentals. It’s not just him, it’s across the board. We’ve got to get better at our techniques and when you get beat, you’ve got to rely on those even more and more.”

Much like the head coach the starting quarterback wasn’t running from the fact that so far, regardless of any and all reasons, this offense just hasn’t shown enough to make anyone happy.

“I mean it’s a competitive (thing). Whether it’s a walkthrough, a scrimmage, a game or a playoff game, you got to execute. You got to play well and not having our starters at receiver is not an excuse for us. We have to, have to play better than that and I know we can.” Mark Sanchez said, “That’s the tough part because I’ve seen our guys do it, now it’s a matter of executing and limiting our mistakes. When those mistakes do happen we have to snap back into our fundamentals and don’t panic. Don’t try and make anything else up, just trust what you know, trust the coaching, trust the scheme and let it happen.”

Wins and losses mean absolutely nothing in the preseason, having some form of moderate success moving the ball and scoring is pretty important though and having zero success at that is the reason for the outrage. Still the Jets are taking a measured approach, knowing they need to improve but looking for the positives, no matter how small, to build on and get this offense right by the time the Bills come to town.

“Yes, it (Not scoring a touchdown through two preseason games) bothers me, but again, we don’t need to be at our best right now. We need to be at our best opening day and I am confident that when we get going, we will be.” Ryan said, “I see some encouraging signs that we’re heading in the right direction. It might not be obvious to everybody in the public, but again, I’m confident in our offense, I’m confident in our coaching staff, I’m confident in our players. I believe that we’re going to have a very productive offense when it’s all said and done.”

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