EAST RUTHERFORD, NJ — This game by far was a do or die for the New York Jets and like they did following the first Buffalo Bills touchdown, they answered the bell. If you want to talk about an ugly game then this was it but the team got it done when it mattered most.

WR Santonio Holmes catches the winning TD as the Jets edge division rival Buffalo 28-24 at Met Life Stadium. (JetsInsider.com Photo)

This game had that feeling early. That back and forth style of play and not so pretty on the outside but became a big win in the end. Coach Rex Ryan had the same feeling going through the week of practice.

“We knew it was going to be a dog fight coming in.” Rex said.

Dog fight it was, back and forth, bad defense after bad defense which turned into a fairly good offensive battle throughout the game.

The offensive battle was between both quarterbacks and in the end Jets QB Mark Sanchez got the upper hand. Sanchez once again started off extremely poor in the first half and looked to be worse than everyone is predicting this season but that is just the way Sanchez is I guess because boy did he come alive in the second half. The first half he was a mess throwing the ball into triple coverage and looking like he was choking under this must win pressure but the second half belongs to the young QB which he has proved since day one of entering this league.

“I love the way our guys responded.” Rex said.

Most likely Rex was talking about Sanchez because he followed with his stats in the second half which were outstanding. (9/15 for 114yds , two touchdowns with a 123 QB rating) including a game winning drive with 5:33 left where he took his team and marched down the field which was capped off by a touchdown pass to WR Santonio Holmes. Holmes, like Rex had confidence in his QB through the entire game.

“I sensed confidence from him throughout the whole game.” Holmes said.

“He’s at his best in big moments.” Rex said about his young QB and he proved his coach right once again.

He gets better as the game goes on. He looks to be a different QB when he runs back onto the field after halftime but he understands that is not a good thing and wants to improve.

“I need to make more completions earlier in the game.” Sanchez said.

That is definately one of his biggest problems. In the first half he completed only 40% of his passes, no that is not a typo (40%).

The Jets are a better team than the Bills but they barely proved it today and Sanchez knew it.

“We make it tough on ourselves….The discipline wasn’t where it needed to be in the first half.” Sanchez said.

They seem to always beat themselves week in and week out but today they had luck on their side.

Enough with Sanchez… The run game was probably the best it has been the entire season so far. They had their swagger back and the attitude that nobody could stop them on the ground and that’s the Jets team that the fans are used to. RB Shonn Greene had (78 yards on the ground on 13 attempts). Cannot complain about those numbers from your lead rusher. The play calling on the ground seemd to just flow correctly today and if they can get the passing game down faster this offense would be able to put up some big numbers.

The negatives that seem to be circulating is CB Darelle Revis looked human today against Bills WR Stevie Johnson (8 receptions for 75 yards and 1 touchdown). Revis didn’t seem to be bothered by it at all and gave credit to the opponent.

“Stevie Johnson had a good game and he caught a bunch of balls.” Revis said.

Everyone is human. Little fact, that is the first touchdown Revis has given up the entire season. Not too shabby.

The other negative has to do with Johnson again and the celebration he made when scoring his touchdown. He seemed to be acting out as if he was shooting himself in the leg (referencing the accident that WR Plaxico Burress had).

“Doesn’t bother me.” Burress said, who had (4 receptions for 54 yards and a huge catch on a thrid down play during the game winning drive).

I am all for celebrations during a touchdown but when it becomes personal like it did today that is when someone is crossing the line and needs to be addressed. I’m sure the NFL will look into it and most likely WR Stevie Johnson has a fine coming his way.

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