FLORHAM PARK, NJ – The Jets are in all out rebuild mode leaving many to question why the Jets would be interested in any big name free agents, clearly the Jets know 2017 won’t a successful season but they still want to avoid having a historically embarrassing season. 

The Jets interest in Dont’a Hightower is about adding a super bowl champion and quality linebacker as a part of the foundation to build on. The Jets will be bad this year, but they don’t plan on being bad forever. Hightower isn’t good enough to make the Jets good this year, but he would add a nice sturdy piece of the foundation for the Jets to approach respectability in year two or three of the rebuild.

For their quarterback the Jets have shown interest in Jay Cutler and Josh McCown, maybe they’ll check in with Chase Daniel now that he’s been released. But this question keeps popping up, if the Jets are in full rebuild mode why even bother with a Cutler or a McCown? Why not just play Bryce Petty and or Christian Hackenberg? Well that first question is answered by that second question.

Yes, the Jets are in full rebuild mode and they’ll play the semantics game about still trying to win games – on game day the Jets will try and win every game, they won’t tank games, but the tanking comes with how the roster in constructed because this roster won’t be designed to win many games – so why even bother signing a veteran? It’s a simple question with a simple answer, the Jets have no interest in starting Petty and/or Hackenberg all season. 

The most optimistic people in Florham Park think Hackenberg needs to sit, watch and develop at least one more year before they can even think of starting him. Many people in the building don’t think he’ll ever be ready. Petty was drafted with the hope that he could be a quality backup and his physical tools would suggest that’s possible but his ability to read defenses suggest having him start for a season, especially with this roster, would lead to an embarrassing season. 

The Jets don’t plan on being good this year, but they don’t want to be a laughing stock. Petty and/or Hackenberg would most likely lead to the Jets not even being competitive, Cutler has the ability to make things interesting- admittedly not always in a good way – and at least competitive. The Jets know they’ll be doing a lot of losing this season, but they don’t want to be blown out every week. 

So if you were wondering why the Jets would have interest in Cutler or McCown, it’s because, even as they know they’ll do plenty of losing this year, they simply want to avoid playing Petty or Hackenberg. 

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