FLORHAM PARK, N.J.– With the Jets having already cut ties with their own first round draft bust, Vernon Gholston, it appears they have room for another first round disappointment on their roster. Earlier this morning Aaron Maybin choose a one-year deal with the Jets as his new team and pending his passing a physical, he will be the newest member of Gang Green.

What makes this such a curious signing is, where Gholston failed so did Maybin. Only Maybin failed in Buffalo and not with the Jets, which leads Rex Ryan to think he can coach the player up.

Ryan is know for his ability to to make a great sales pitch, but it’s hard to tell exactly who is buying what he is selling this time.

VERNON GHOLSTON II? The Jets will try to resurrect the career of former first round Bills bust Aaron Maybin.

Maybin was selected with the 11th overall pick by the Bills in 2009 and immediately started disappointing so much that Bills fans nicknamed him Aaron ‘Maybe.’ With Gholston many scouts and personnel around the league thought he might still have a chance to produce in a different system (4-3 defense specifically). That does not seem to be the case for Maybin, who like Gholston has also never recorded a sack in the NFL.

Maybin struggled mightily in the Bills 3-4 scheme as an outside linebacker and the Jets also run a base 3-4 defense, so what does Ryan see in the kid that makes him think he can produce as a member of the Jets?

“I always spoke highly of him when he was in Buffalo, I thought that he had ability to rush the passer.” Ryan said, “But we’ll see how he does. I think he’s got some talent, some pass rushing ability and that would be, if he sticks on our team, he’s going to be a pass rusher for us.”

Remember those specific words from Ryan, “if he sticks on our team,” because that clearly wasn’t an accident. Ryan has made a habit of saying everyone of his players and coaches are the best at what they do, but he says it for the benefit of those players, he wants to boost their confidence. But with those specific words, Ryan is making it clear Maybin will have something to prove when he walks onto the practice field if he genuinely wants to make this team.

This is one of those classic low-risk moves that teams love to take a shot at during training camp, give the kid a shot in Ryan’s system and see what happens. Maybe he picks it up immediately and makes a lasting impression on his coach and teammates, but probably not. More than likely he will either show enough to justify Ryan keeping him on the roster as a backup, or he will be cut before the season begins.

“We don’t need him to be a starter, we got two excellent starting outside linebackers already.” Ryan said, “So, we’ll see we’re going to give him an opportunity to help us out on defense and to help Mike Westhoff on special teams.”

You’ve heard it all before, sometimes all a high-profile player like Maybin needs is a change of scenery and there is definitely some truth to that, but change of scenery or not there are plenty of legitimate questions as to whether or not Maybin can actually be a productive football player. But as Ryan saw it, someone was going to give Maybin an opportunity so why not the Jets?

“Well we’re going to find out what he brings, he has verbally… He wants to be a Jet, pending a physical, there were several teams after him to give him an opportunity.” Ryan said, “We will give him that opportunity, to come here and see what he can do. I’m excited about him.”

Well Maybin has his opportunity at a second chance, playing under one of the best defensive minds in the game, now we get to sit back and see if he can do anything with it.

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