Good evening Jets fans!

Welcome to a frigid Meadowlands. Temperature is in the low 20’s with a little breeze. It’s cold out there, Baby!! Jets are wearing home Greens with white pants. Bengals are in away whites with black pants.

Here are the inactives:

Jets:QB Kevin O’Connell, QB Eric Ainge (3rd QB), CB Donal Strickland, RB Chauncey Washington, LB Kenwin Cummings, OL Matt Slauson, WR David Clowney and LB Marques Murrell.

Bengals most notable is:RB Cedric Benson along with QB Jordan Palmer (3rd QB), RB Fui Vakapuna, S Chris Crocker, C Jonathan Luigs, TE JP Foschi, DE Robert Geathers and DT Domata Peko. RB Bernard scott will start for Benson. Also, look for a big dose of Larry Johnson.

8:01: Fireman Ed’s first J-E-T-S chant. The cheer is quite loud, considering the stadium is only around 1/3 full. Ed is wearing his usual #42 Bruce Harper jersey.

8:06:Interesting note: Reportedly, Chad Ochocinco vowed to change his name back to Johnson if CB Darrelle Revis shuts him down tonight. Not that there’s not enough drama already.

8:09:Here’s the latest playoff scenario. Ravens have clinched with their win against the Raiders. If the Jets win, they play the Bengals in Cincy next week and the Ravens play the Pats in New England. If the Jets lose, the Bengals will host the Ravens and the Texans will be the fifth seed and have to go to Foxboro to play the Pats.

8:12:The Jets have handed out white “rally towels” to all fans tonight that read “Win and We’re In” . Based on the weather, rally “Snuggies” may have been more appropriate!

8:15: Flight crew doing their first routine on the 50 yd line. The crew is wearing their olive full body flight suits. I already miss the Santa outfits from the Atlanta game.


8:24:Player intros with pyrotechnics on the field oof the press box roof. Sounds like they are imploding the old stadium early from here.  Rally towels are in full effect.

8:25:Jets captains: Harris, Elllis, Scott, Ferguson anTJ. Bengals win toss. Defer.


8:32:  Kickoff returned by Brad Smith to the Bengals’ 28.

8:34:Jets make 1st down. Short pass to Cotchery.

8:36: Wildcat with Brad Smith: KEEPER for 56 yds to the Bengals 2.

8:37:Handoff to Jones..TD!Feely PAT. JETS 7 – BENGALS 0. 7 plays, 72 yds, time of drive 4:14.

8:38: Thomas Jones’ 13th TD of the year which ties his record from last year.

8:41:Feely kickoff  returned to jets 32.

8:42: With last run, Jets set a new franchise single season rushing record held since 1979.

8:43: Kerry Rhodes gets the start.

8:44:Long pass to Ochocinco downfield overthrown. 3& out for Bengals. Score:Revis 1 – Ochocinco 0.

8:45: Bengals punt. Jet get ball back on their own 24.

8:48:2nd &10 nice handoff to Shonn Greene for 15 yds.

8:50: 3rd & Short. QB sneak for FIRST DOWN! 1st& 10 on the 50.

8:53: Jets make another 1st down to the Bengals 39.

8:55: TJ runs on 3rd&6 for another 1st down to the Bengals 25.

8:58: Total yards, Jets 123 – Bengals 1.

9PM: 3rd down & long. Smith QB. Option to Greene. 1st DOWN to Bengals 13.

9: o2: 3rd & 1 on Cicny’s 4. Bengals call timeout.

9:02: Very impressed with Jets’ start. Blowing the Bengals off the ball on both sides. Just what you wanted to see here tonight. Sanchez looking confident in his passing.

9:03:Jones the ball carrier. Gain of 3. 1st& 10 on the Bengals 1. End of the 1st quarter. Jets 7 – Bengals 0. Couldn’t aske for a better start for Gang Green!!

9:08: 1st down no gain. 2nd down loss of 2. 3rd & goal on the 3. Jets timeout. Jets are 7 for 7 on 3rd down tonight. jets are really trying hard to help TJ break his own TD record.

9:09:Sanchez incomplete pass to Edwards. Feely attempts 24 yd FG. GOOD. Jets 10 – Bengals 0

9:13: Jets kickoff to Bengals 30.

9:15:3rd & long Cicny. Jets defense looking good. Jets showing blitz. Force Palmer to call a timeout.

9:19:Palmer 20yd pass to Ochocinco defended by Revis. INCOMPLETE. Ochocinco is finsihed off by a punishing hit by Rhodes. He’s slow to get up. Revis 2 – Ochocinco 0. What has gotten into Rhodes? He’s hitting like a stud again.

9:20:Cicny a bad 23 yd punt. Jets ball on thier own 49.

9:22:Sanchez bomb to Braylon to the end zone. Off his fingertips. Another pass by Edwards that could have been caught. Ball slightly underthrown but catchable. Very inconsistent as usual. Jets punt. Bengals ball on their own 15. BTW: Weatherford looks fine.

9:26:Ochocinco drops a very catchable ball across the middle that could have been a BIG gain. Revis 3 – Ochocinco 0

9:27:Revis draws an illegal contact penalty on Ochocinco. 1st down Bengals on the 21. Revis 3 – Ochocinco 1.

9:28:Our old friend Laveraues Coles catches his first pass for no gain. 3rd & long. Palmer incomplete on 3rd down. Bengals punting.

9:30: Another horrible punt by Bengals P Kevin Huber. Jets get it back at Bengals 47.

9:31: Gotta love the way the Jets defense has played.  Solid first half.

9:34:Nice quick slant to Cotchery for 14. 1st&10 on Bengaks 31.

9:35: Brad Smith tearing it up! Lined up at QB with the fake option keeper for a 31 yd TD run! Jets 17 – Bengals o.

9:40:Bengals get it back. Another long pass to Ochocinco defended by Revis and Revis covers like a blanket, Incomplete. Also incompete on 4th down. Bengals punting. Revis 4- Ochoicinco 1.

9:41: Jets get it back on their own 41. 5:21 left in the half.

9:43:Jets moving the ball with a 10 yd completion to Cotchery and a 6 yd run by Greene. Ball on Bengals 40 with 3:49 left in half.

9:48: 2 min warning. Jets’ 2nd &8 on Bengals 28.

9:52:Jets move down the field and cap a scoring drive with a 5 yard TD pass from Sanchez to Braylon Edwards. Jets 24 – Bengals 0. 10 plays, 51 yards with a time of possesion 5:01.  A happy Meadowlands crowd for sure!!!

9:55:Bengals get ball back. Palmers first pass PICKED!by Dwight Lowery brought back toi the Bengals 15. 1st&10 with :20 left in the half.

9:59:Loss of 5 yards on 3 plays. Feely lines up for FG with :02 left. 39 YD attempt, GOOD! Jets 27 – Bengals 0. Halftime.

10PM:Halftime ceremony honoring the best players since Jets moved to NJ. A lot of my favorites here. Klecko, Kenny OBrien, Al Toon,  Marty Lyons, Bruce Harper, Curtis Martin, Chrebet and VINNY!

Jets honor best players since they moved to the Meadowlands in 1984

10:24: Sorry, took a short break. 2nd half starts with a Bengals 3 and out. Jets get ball back and are moving to the Bengals 22 where Feely is attempting a FG. 40 yd FG GOOD! Jets 30 – Bengals 0. Playoffs look imminent.

10:26: First Bengals highlight: Long kickiff return by Bernard Scott to the Jets 42. Palmer out at QB, JT O’Sullivan in.

10:31: Bengals go for it on 4th & 3. Larry Johnson breaks off a 23 yd run to the Jets 12. 1st&10 Bengals.

10:35: Cincy imploding with penalties bringing them back to the 25. 3rd & 22.

10:37: Incomplete with an intentional grounding penalty. Bengals forced to punt. jets get it back on their own 10.

10:39: LB David Harris out with a foot injury. More info as I get it.

10:39: Jets will play Bengals again next week in Cincy as the Saturday 4:30 PM game if this indeed finishes with Jets winning.

10:47: Jets don’t advance the ball punt back to Bengals. Coles with a nice catch down the sidelines. Bengals have the ball 3rd and 5 on the Jets 14. End of the 3rd Quarter. Jets fans playoff dreams just 15 mins away!

10:52: SACK by Jim Leonhard, OSullivan fumbled then picked up by Rhodes. Run back to the Bengals 26. 1st&10 Jets.

10:53: How the heck did Rhodes get caught on that runback?

10:54: 4th &1 for the Jets. Handoff to Jones.  Inches short, Bengals ball.

10:55: Jets are challenging the spot. After further review…1ST DOWN JETS at the Bengals 15.

11:00: They are going to do everything they can to help TJ break his own TD record. 1st down inside the 5.

11:03: TD Thomas Jones. He breaks his own record of 13 TD’s in a season. Jets 37 – Bengals 0.

11:13: Bengals get ball back. Don’t advance, Punt. Jets ball on their own 1. Clemens now in for Sanchez at QB.

11:18: 3:44 left. Jets trying to run out the clock.

11:25: Final score Jets 37-Bengals 0. Rex gets a gatorade shower. See you in Cincy. Game time Saturday at 4:30 on NBC.

11:30: Nice touch…a lot of the Jets players including the Coach have come back on the field to thank the fans. Sanchez is running the perimeter of the field and high fiving the fans. Is the Jets curse broken? Sure looks like it. New decade, new era…New Jets. Good night everyone.
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