What a couple days in the NFL! First on Monday, Rams head coach Scott Linehan gets fired and today the Raiders let go of second-year head coach Lane Kiffin. While Linehan and Kiffin both deserved to lose their jobs (because the Rams and Raiders, who both play the Jets this season, are having horrible seasons), but the way Kiffin lost his job was in a way I really didn’t like.

Their is no arguing that he shouldn’t have been fired (because he probably was going to be at seasons’ end) but his situation got worse everyday. Owner Al Davis didn’t help “the man he thought he hired”, instead of firing Kiffin and keeping private anything that the media still doesn’t know, Davis decided to spill guts in a 45-min press conference Tuesday night. It was the first time in 14-months Davis had a press conference according to the Associated Press.

And even if Davis had a problem with how Kiffin handled certain situations in Oakland, he should have just let bigons be bigons, let it go and not make this a media war. For Davis not only did he fire his head coach, he made it very difficult on himself when he starts looking for a head coach next season.

Kiffin was the Raiders 4th head coach since 2002. If you are a head coach looking for a job would want to take a job where coaches get thrown away every couple of years? Probably not!

And another thing I didn’t understand. Davis he said he is firing Kiffin with “cause”. Isn’t everybody fired for a reason. The Rams fired Linehan because they were not playing well and he lost control of his players. Mets manager Willie Randolph was fired be”cause” the Mets were not playing well. The bottom line is for everyone who is fired, their is a cause for why they are being fired.

Side note, I will be in Florham Park tomorrow covering for Mark. Tomorrow is the Jets last day of practice before they are off for the next four days.
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