The theory goes that Woody Johnson needed a big name to help sell PSL’s. He watched the Giants win a Super Bowl, courted Darren McFadden and didn’t get him, saw the economy take a downturn, and threw a large hat into the ring in the Brett Favre situation in the summer- the only team in the NFL to do so.

Eric Mangini has never been a big fan of the high-risk vertical passing game. Has never actively sought a QB who could flick his wrist and throw a 50 yard rope. Stuck with Pennington for his first two seasons, and developed Clemens as another game manager- safety first, no risky QB play, no improv, just be conservative and set up the run in front of a strong defense.

During the entire Favre to New York process, Eric Mangini was silent. Tannenbaum and Woody got all the press, did all the gushing and blushing, Mangini rarely made an appearance in the midst of the hoopla. Yes, was in the middle of preparing for preseason games, but only appeared at a single press conference and never sounded overly excited about his new QB.

Flash forward to today and the current line of thinking is that Mangenius suddenly got stupid. Suddenly forgot that his QB can throw a pea through a concrete wall. Failed to adjust to his strengths. Well, what if he’s not stupid but rather stubborn? What if he never wanted Brett Favre, never wanted a high-risk gunslinger, never wanted that square peg in his decidedly round hole? What if Woody’s PR move is in direct conflict with the strategy employed by the head coach? What if Eric feels like he’s stuck with a circus freak when he’s trying to direct an opera?

Methinks we are going to find out pretty soon. If Eric keeps sticking to his guns and making Favre into a safe game manager with his Pennington gameplans, something’s going to give. Either Woody’s going to pop or Mangini will.

Stay tuned.

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