Thanks to the persistent pestering of his coach and teammates Nick Mangold boarded a plane to London this morning so he can watch his sister, Holley Mangold, compete in the olympics tomorrow. Originally Nick wasn’t going to make the trip. He wanted to, but with Holley scheduled to compete smack dab in the middle of training camp Nick thought it was more important that he stayed here with his team and his sister understood.

“I’d choose training over going to one of his games, so I totally understand it.” Holley told Fourth-Place medal, according to the Daily Herald. “It’s a bummer, but I know he’ll be watching. I’m happy for his support, and I know it will be there.”

Now that support will be in the building with her in London.

Nick Mangold will miss tonight's Green and White scrimmage as he is currently on a plane headed to London to watch his sister Holley compete in the Olympics. ( Photo)

Nick had said all the right things, he wanted to be here with his teammates and focus on getting the new offensive system installed, but his coach wasn’t having it. After all, how many times does one get to see a sibling compete in the Olympics? Since OTA’s Rex Ryan has been applying pressure on his All-Pro center to make the trip, then he started recruiting other players to put the sell job on Nick. Ryan has bragged about the near perfect attendance records the Jets had all throughout OTA’s, but he’s likely to brag just as much about this absence.

With Nick going to London it will give the Jets an opportunity to give some other players reps at center in case Nick suffers an injury at some point in the season like he did last year. Unlike last year, the Jets want to be prepared for such a disastrous scenario. With Nick being one of, if not the best, centers in the league the Jets suffered mightily when Nick went down last year and they had to scramble to start undrafted rookie free agent Colin Baxter in his spot. The offense will surely suffer from the loss of Nick during tonight’s Green and White scrimmage, but the team is hoping this helps them in the long run by giving them more depth and flexibility along the offensive-line.

Matt Slauson will slide over and take Nick’s place at center with the first team, which also means Vlad Ducasse will start at the left guard spot with the first team.

Holley will compete in weight lifting competitions tomorrow afternoon [her weight lifting record is 255 kilos or 562.2 pounds], but who knows when it will be broadcast on TV here in America with the way NBC has been dealing with broadcasting live events versus replays. The 22-year-old Holley has been in the news before, she made headlines playing football [following her brother’s footsteps playing on the o-line] in high school and starring in an episode of MTV’s “True Life: I’m The Big Girl.” She is 5’8″ 340 pounds [Nick is 6’4″ 307 pounds] and is extremely proud of her size and strength.

Tomorrow Holley will look to make her family and friends even more proud as she goes for an Olympic medal and now she gets the extra boost of having her big brother Nick there to cheer her on and Rex Ryan couldn’t be happier for them.

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