Florham Park, N.J. — The Jets passing offense last Sunday made its adjustments because of the defense the Jacksonville Jaguars were throwing at them. QB Mark Sanchez had to make a lot of check down throws and stuck mainly with his three year teammate TE Dustin Keller. The effect of this left WR Plaxico Burress empty handed but no disappointment coming from his end.

'Mano a Mano' for Burress this week. Look for him to get some catches against the Raiders man to man coverage. (JetsInsider.com)

“I’m pretty comfortable with the things that I have to do. I’m learning as much as I can every day in the meetings and different things like that.” Burress said about his role, “As far as me, the more playing time, and me being on the football field, it’ll come.”

Burress and Sanchez know they are facing a different style of defense this week in man to man. Burress has been in this situation many times before and probably nine times out of ten he comes up with a positive appearance.

“If you’re a wide receiver, these are the kind of games you love to play in.” Burress said, “It’s up close and personal, man- to-man, ‘mano a mano’, to see who is the better guy. I’ve played in these games before, they’re fun and competitive.”

Sanchez is excited for the upcoming week but knows one on one coverage comes with a great pass rush.

“They’ve shown (that they) change it up from time to time.” Sanchez said, “It’s about winning our one-on-one matchups and getting rid of the football quickly because they’re pass rush is great. It’ll be a good test for our wideouts and for our precision in the passing game hopefully.”

Coach Ryan thinks it is a good test for his wideouts as well. Especially after the very quiet game they had last week. He knows the man to man coverage is a part of Raider football and he thinks with their style of play the outcome should be positive.

“I think when you look at them, that’s their bread and butter.” Ryan said, when talking about the Raiders coverage. He thinks his team can benefit from this.

Sanchez is spot on when talking about the Oakland Raiders pass rush and with the Jets offensive line losing C Nick Mangold for a two to three week period (as of right now) as well as their lack of depth, look for the Raiders to try and exploit the holes as much as possible.

Raiders coach Hue Jackson is still not seeing the Mangold injury as an automatic A for their pass rush.

“We need to play Raider football.” Jackson said, “If I know Rex (Ryan), it will be the next man up and they’ll come to play.”

If worse comes to worse and the ball doesn’t get thrown in Burress’ direction (which seems highly unlikely this week) look for the veteran WR to still make an impact. According to Sanchez, Burress plays very well off the ball and with the attention he gets makes the passing game that much better.

“He just demanded a lot of split safety coverage and our wideouts knew that.” Sanchez said.

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