Florham Park, N.J.– Last week Jets offensive-lineman Damien Woody told reporters that it was he who, in 2007 while in playing for the Lions, first dubbed the physical freak of a wide receiver, Calvin Johnson, ‘Megatron.’

Woody acknowledged that ex-Lions, turned Cowboys receiver Roy Williams is the one who is credited with the nickname, but Woody says it was his creation and yesterday Woody brought along some backup to help defeat the alien machine.

Some of you may not have grown up watching the classic kids television show, “Transformers,” luckily Hollywood went and made two movies about it so the name Megatron, as well as how it applies to Johnson, should be recognized and respected.

The Darrelle Revis Jets fans fell head-over-heels in love with last season, might have just won all of his fans back with his dominate display yesterday shutting down 'Megatron.' (Jetsinisder.com Photo).

Johnson is human, but barely. Johnson is 6′-5″, weighs 236 pounds and can run like he had rockets strapped to his back, but even saying his height and weight is misleading, because somehow he has proven to be even more of a physical force than he looks, if that’s even possible.

Megatron is a very intimidating nickname and for good reason, Johnson is an intimidating and extremely dangerous player, who often proves to be unstoppable. Yesterday, Johnson, aka ‘Megatron’, met his match as he lined up against the football equivalent to ‘Optimus Prime.’

It was evident on the first play from scrimmage, Lions QB Matt Stafford dropped back and let a pass fly for about 40-yards. Looking to find a streaking Johnson down the sidelines for a big play, only just as the ball looked to be placed perfectly into the waiting hands of Johnson, Darrelle Revis carefully reached his hand around Johnson, avoided contact, and swatted the ball away right in front of Johnson’s face.

And with that play the two identities were revealed and ‘Megatron’ was introduced to his mortal enemy’s, ‘Optimus Prime,’ football playing twin brother Revis-Prime (Quick note, by no way am I claiming to be the first person to use the Revis-Prime nickname, but it makes for a great article so I’m going with it).

From there on out it was the Revis show, at least in their one-on-one match-up, and for most of the game it looked like that would be the only match-up the Jets would win. Luckily for Revis and his teammates they managed to do just enough to steal a victory in Detroit, but there is no way the Jets win this game if Revis let up for even a second and allowed just one big play to Johnson.

Last season Jets fans got so used to seeing Revis completely shut down the other team’s best receiver that they started to take what Revis does for granted, whether they realized it or not. Revis has received a ton of backlash and criticism from fans over his hold-out and it goes beyond the fact that he ended up getting hurt because of the time he missed in training camp. It was kind of shocking to see/hear/read all the slandering of Revis’ name just because he was trying to get paid.

Jetsinsider’s own Matt Waters touched on the subject on Friday, simply amazed at the amount of venom Revis had been receiving from some Jets fans.

But really let’s face it, we are dealing with Jet fans here so with Revis either hurt or under-performing for most of the season, it was going to take a game of complete and total domination to get the fans 100 percent back on his side. Yesterday the fans couldn’t have jumped back on the Revis bandwagon any faster and after watching the display he put on it’s hard to imagine them ever turning their back on him again.

Sure there will still be some fans who think he was greedy and selfish, but look at what happened yesterday. Revis took the Lions best offensive player and made him completely irrelevant and the Jets still had to fight for every last inch, in every last second, to barely escape with a victory. Clearly Revis getting paid was in his own best interest, but just as clear is the fact that it was obviously in the best interest of the Jets and their fans, another game or two like this and the memory of the hold-out will vanish into thin air.

Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News reported Revis said yesterday, “Calvin Johnson is a beast of a receiver,” Revis said. “It was a great matchup, he brought the best out of me. … It was a tough fight.”

“I felt good today, and I did what I needed to do to complete my job,” Revis said. “My anticipation was to not let this guy get down the field and be comfortable.”

Revis locked down Johnson all game long, holding him to just one catch for 13-yards, Cromartie covered Johnson on a couple of snaps later in the game as the Jets shifted Revis to cover Nate Burleson who was killing the Jets underneath all day long. With both Johnson’s (Calvin by Revis and Bryant by Cromartie) covered all day, Stafford picked on Drew Coleman consistently.

Coleman’s play wasn’t as bad as the numbers make it look, as he got beat a couple of times while having great defensive position, the throws and catches were just executed to perfection. Still it was because of the Stafford-Burleson connection that the Lions were able to do anything offensively and if not for that crazy ending the Lions would have won the game, not because of Johnson, or their running game, but because of the 7 catches for 113 yards and TD that Burleson had.

There was a whole myriad of reasons as to why the Jets were able to somehow come out victorious yesterday (More on the head-scratching call to throw on third-down when the Lions were trying to run out the clock later), but it’s most important to realize that all it would have taken is one big play from Johnson to transform this Jets win into a loss, which would have created an entirely different energy and feel for where this Jets team stands halfway through the season.

As it is the Jets stand at 6-2, tied for the best record in the NFL and with both the Pats and ‘Fins losing the Jets put the faith of their division back in their own hands and now everyone knows, the Jets have their super-hero/action-figure back in full form.
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