Mike Goodson was signed to a free agent contract earlier this offseason, but after being arrested early this morning Goodson may never get a chance to play a snap for the Jets.

New Jets RB Mike Goodson's tenure with the Jets may be very short after being arrested this morning for drug and weapons possession.

According to News 12 New Jersey, Goodson was in a car with his friend who had stopped his vehicle on route 80 in Denville. Goodson’s friend, Garant Evans, was driving, but Goodson was apparently so intoxicated he was sent to the hospital for further evaluation and was found to be in possession of marijuana after being searched.

Upon searching the vehicle police found a, “45-caliber handgun loaded with hollow-point bullets.” According to a report on NFL.com neither Goodson or Evans admitted to owning the gun.

Goodson was expected to compete for a starting role as the Jets running back, or at least earn a healthy share of carries, but with a new GM in charge Goodson could very well be in his last days as a member of the Jets. It’s entirely possible Evans takes the wrap for the gun and hollow point bullets, leaving the courts to drop the weapons charges against Goodson but since the marijuana was found on his person Goodson is most likely going to have to eat that charge.

Would possession of under 50 grams of marijuana be enough to get him released from the team? Maybe, maybe not but having his name associated with weapons charges (whether the charges stick or not) surely isn’t going to help his case.

The Jets have said they are aware of the arrest and are in the process of gathering all the available information. We will provide further details as they come in.

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