Florham Park, N.J. — Back to the drawing board for Jets QB Mark Sanchez. In the game yesterday against the Jacksonville Jaguars Sanchez made a few mistakes but with the help of his dominating defense, the Jets were able to embarrass the opposition with the final score being Jets 32 Jaguars 3.

Mark Sanchez needs to keep up the decent work. If he can just tweak a few things, the offense will be on the track they expect themselves to be on. Three tough road games coming up, stay tuned. (JetsInsider.com Photo)

The team and their quarterback had sort of a  monkey on their back when it came to scoring in the first quarter on offense. The thorn has been in their side for 16 straight games now, but yesterday they took care of that. Their first possession was a 65-yard drive, capped of by a 17-yard touchdown pass from Sanchez to WR Santonio Holmes. This impressive march down the field made Sanchez realize how bad they needed it.

“(The) opening drive, that was huge.” Sanchez said, “Rex challenged the offense last night in the hotel and he said we’re going to take the ball, we’re going to receive the ball, which we never do. So he put the challenge on us and we answered the call, now we just need to stay consistent in the first half, and that’s on me.”

That is on him all right. His consistancy is the key to their offense this season and so far it has been pretty good. Yesterday he was making great throws to his recievers that could only fit through a tight window like the touchdown pass to Holmes.

“He’s the only one who can catch it.” Sanchez said, “but no question it was a tight throw.”

His pass percentage is up through the first two games. This was stressed by many to have Sanchez try and be over 60 percent passing this season. Yes, it is early but if he keeps up the good work he should have no problem completing the task, especially with this receiving corps. Sanchez finished the game (17-24 70.8 percent, 182-yards, two touchdowns and two interceptions.)

The two interceptions is what needs to be touched on the most. In the first two games of the seasonn Sanchez already has thrown three interceptions. Pointing out the obvious but this is the problem that Sanchez has to fix in order for his team to win. They got away with it yesterday mainly because of their defense and the fact that they were playing a team that they should beat, but if they play a top notch team and make these mistakes, it might turn out completely different. Sanchez understands the mistakes he made and that he needs to fix them.

“You can’t give them two cheap throws.” Sanchez said, ” They played tough, they played hard, but we just had a great game plan for them and you can’t give them any cheap ones and that’s frustrating. But we got back on track and won the game.”

The team will now start a three game road trip with teams who don’t fool around when it comes to mistakes. If you make mistakes against these teams (at least two out of the three, Oakland Raiders, Baltimore Ravens and the New England Patriots) they will make you pay. Sanchez knows they have to be ready, that includes him as well.

“We’ve got to put an emphasis on penalties and turnovers because they’re drive killers.” Sanchez said, “They prevent you from scoring points. It’s no good for us. We need to be real sharp on the road, and the noise and all that. We need to be ready to play.”

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