Florham Park, N.J.– Yesterday the Jets held their first goal-line drills of camp, which also meant it was the first full out contact drills of camp. Goal-line drills always provide for some of the most exciting and intense drills to watch, but the way the drills ended was not enjoyable for anyone around here.

On the final play of the drill Shonn Greene dove over the pile for a touchdown, which was the good news, but the bad news came immediately after when All-World center Nick Mangold dropped to the ground in obvious pain. Mangold eventually got up, later than he would have wanted to saying the trainers were telling him to stay down, and walked off the field on his own power.

Jets center Nick Mangold had many fans worried after suffering a stinger yesterday in practice, but today he assured that he will be just fine. (Jetsinsider.com Photo).

The injury scare turned out to be just that, a scare. Nothing more, nothing less. Today Mangold addressed the media after walk-thru and said he is “Doing good, you know, it was just a stinger. Nothing too crazy, but they (training staff) want to take precautions so.”

“It’s a part of the game, you deal with it.” Mangold said of his reaction to the injury, “It’s a little odd when the trainer tells you to ‘stay down, don’t move,’ that’s kind of odd, but after that no big deal.”

Rex Ryan talked about the scare in today’s press conference, admitting it looked bad at first, but now he certainly doesn’t appear to be overly concerned.

“Nick Mangold, we all saw him go down yesterday in that goal-line scrimmage, he has basically a stinger or a burner. It depends on, you know, what century you’re in or something like that.” Ryan joked, “Some guys call it stingers, but we call it that we’re fortunate that he’s fine. I think he’s listed as, as they put it ‘out – individual drills,’ so I’ll let you guys figure it out and we’ll all figure it out…Okay day-to-day.”

Mangold said the injury was, “consistent with what you would expect,” from a stinger explaining that, “It went numb there, which is always a little disconcerning. So you know that kind of shoots a shock to your system, but it seems to be doing better today and that’s a good thing.”

Mangold scoffed at the idea of the injury being worrisome because it came on the first live contact action the team has had since the AFC Championship in Pittsburgh saying, “I wouldn’t say that’s the first contact we’ve had. I mean maybe for the backs, but we have plenty of contact everyday in the trenches. We don’t get to designate contact or no-contact drills, every drills a contact.”

When asked if he expects to play on Monday Mangold simply said, “I would imagine.”

Ryan also confirmed that he expects Mangold to play. The only players that won’t play as of now are Plaxico Burress, who is being held back to get a precautionary MRI and avoid any swelling that can be caused by flying though Ryan does expect him to practice fully on Wednesday, and Brandon Moore who was just activated off the PUP list today.

“Yeah I feel good.” Moore said, “We’ve done a lot of good work in the strength room and in the training room and to just get back acclimated and go through my footwork patterns and football drill type things to see where I was, also while rehabbing, so I feel like today is a day that we can kind of move forward and get back out there and get with the guys.”

Moore said he isn’t feeling “100 percent, but this is part of the progression to get to 100 percent.” And as with most players Moore said the toughest part of being out is the sitting around watching practice instead of partaking in practice.

“Yeah, it’s really frustrating, you’re kind of itching to get out there. In the beginning it was like, I know I’m not ready, but as the weeks go by and the days go by and you’re watching the guys play and practice you get kind of tired of going through the mental aspects of the game.” Moore said, “I feel like I’ve benefitted from that because I’ve really stayed focused, things like that in the meeting room. Picturing it and going through my head, the footwork is on my mind. I’m pretty good on my feet and the technique I need to do, but now it’s time to get in the groove of the individuals and working with the o-line in a controlled environment and see how I react to it. So that’s the main part now.”

There was never any worry around here that Moore wouldn’t be ready in time for the season opener against Dallas, but the team is certainly happy to have him back and he is just as happy to be able to participate again, even if it’s only in walk-thru for now.

The real worry was about the way Mangold dropped to the ground, stingers always look scary at first and anyone who has ever had one can relate to the immediate fear, but just as soon as you start to realize the fear, it slowly starts to dissipate.

So Mangold might have been the only one to suffer a physical stinger yesterday, but it seems like his coach and fans suffered a mental stinger due to the injury. Immediate fear, that has now slowly dissipated to little to no worry.

And with out of the way everyone can get back to obsessing over Burress’ rolled, sprained, twisted or whatever you want to call it, ankle.

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