The Jets reportedly met with 2011 Heisman Trophy finalist Tyrann Mathieu on Monday at the Senior Bowl according to multiple outlets. Mathieu was was dismissed from LSU this past summer repeatedly violating team rules, more specifically, violating the team’s substance abuse policy for athletes.

One time, can the Jets just say no?

After returning to LSU as only a student, Mathieu was arrested in October for marijuana possession which all but ended any possible return to the team.

Mathieu’s talent is not to be ignored, as he was the MVP of the 2011 SEC Championship game, to go along with the aforementioned multiple individual awards and other individual defense awards.

“I’m not really looking forward to people trusting me today or tomorrow,” said Mathieu. “Trust takes time, especially when you’ve done a lot of things for people not to be able to trust you…But the truth is, I’m doing the right things and just looking forward to being a football player,” according to a report from the Associated Press.

But should the Jets really be even looking into a player with Mathieu’s trouble past? Aren’t the Jets in a state of change from top to bottom? Philosophies, strategy on the field, off the field and how players are evaluated? It’s understand that a team must due their due diligence on all players eligible for the NFL draft, but does anyone disagree that maybe the Jets organization should just pass on this one?

If the Jets recent organizational history didn’t exist, it would certainly be an avenue that should be explored. Imagine this story in the eyes of a New England fan, a Pittsburgh fan or a Baltimore fan. Strong upper management groups with tough, disciplined coaches that are proven winners in this league. They could call Mathieu a ‘project’ and try to rectify his career and maximize his talent with little to no risk.

But the Jets organization doesn’t have that luxury with their recent track record. Whether it has been personnel decisions, the quality of players inside the locker room or deciding who is in charge of football decisions, the Jets have not been on their game in their most recent past.

The Jets organization promised change moving forward, showing interests in Mathieu just feels like more of same.

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