NEW YORK, N.Y. — Two months ago Joe Namath put the New York Jets on blast after they traded for Tim Tebow in the off-season — a move the Hall-of-Famer called detrimental to the development of starting quarterback Mark Sanchez. Namath isn’t backing off that claim, however it’s clear Namath has had a change of heart regarding the quarterback tandem.

“First of all I’m a Mark Sanchez fan. I’ve also been a Tebow fan since his freshman year at Florida. When he entered the draft I said, ‘Somebody’s got to draft this kid’ because he’s only positive for the team, for anybody. He’s going to bring a lot of positive vibes. How will it all work out? I don’t know. That remains to be seen,” Namath said.

The man who brought the Jets their only Super Bowl title was quick to sing the praises of Tebow, but was even quicker to state that Sanchez was new offensive coordinator Tony Sparano’s best option as the team’s quarterback.

“There’s no doubt about it. [I think] Mark knows he’s the better quarterback,” he said Tuesday.

He sympathizes with the sensitivity regarding Tebow and the media circus that comes with him and how it may cause troubles down the road, but continually stated that Tebow “is a positive. Any way you add him to the organization is a positive.”

Namath has recently found himself in a precarious situation with his former team, citing “bad vibes” between himself, Woody Johnson and Ryan after publicly criticized the team via his Twitter account and radio show appearances. He would go on to say that he and Ryan’s relationship has improved recently.

The rift didn’t stop Namath from stirring the pot as he rode the fence on the hot-button topic for ten minutes.

“There’s only four team to have used it in professional football and they were all because none of them had a quarterback. It’s only been used when you have a quarterback who isn’t executing the offense properly. However, having to prepare for it is a benefit. I’m sure Sparano knows what he’s doing,” he said.

When posed with the question of putting himself in Sanchez’s shoes, Namath didn’t waver for a moment. “Oh I’d be tickled to death, you kidding me?,” he chuckled out before stating that he ‘loved’ taking every snap with the first-team offense at every practice.

Namath in Sanchez’s shoes? Not a bad question. After all it’s Sanchez, in his fourth season, who’s trying to fill the big shoes of Namath. “Golly, I remember a team that won a Super Bowl with a quarterback in his fourth year. Hopefully, that’ll happen again.”

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