Two-a-day practices during training camp could be no more. According to the new CBA Agreement these practices could be eliminated immediately following the end of the lockout. Players were supposed to vote on the new agreement today, but it has been delayed and will most likely be voted on either tomorrow or as early as Friday.

Ever since I could remember two-a-day practices have been the staple of football and the NFL. Who does not remember hell week in high school? Starting practices at 7am and coming back at 3pm for another round of hard work. This is what football is all about. It feels like training camp has become a joke to players and they are starting to disrespect the game by taking it so lightly. I was always taught to respect the game and practice like you play, which meant practice hard and you will play even harder. I thought this is what the NFL preached to their players, maybe not. I understand the reason behind it, for the health and safety of the players, but you cannot ask a high school student to practice twice a day while the professional athletes who get paid millions of dollars do not. Lazy is not the word that comes to mind, the word I am looking for is simply, careless.

Bart Scott, the Jets linebacker has spoken out on the issue and the answer might suprise you. “I think it is wimping out; making football soft.” Scott also said, “Two-a-days, it is what football is all about, it is about endurance, pain, will, putting yourself through something when your body is telling you it does not want to go, your mind controlling your body.”

Scott is probably one of the few players who is reacting this way and are willing to keep two-a-days and continue to put their bodies through rigorous workouts.

Scott’s teammate, safety Eric Smith felt differently, calling the elimination of two-a-days “great”.

Could the elimination of two-a-days make the NFL a “safer place”? That is the question that will be on everyone’s mind as we approach the end of the lockout and the start of training camp. If the players want the fortune and fame they have to work hard for it and it seems nowadays these things come easier then in times past when football was the all rugged sport that it should be. The players know what they signed up for. If they do not like it they can simply retire. Two-a-days are a part of the game and why fix something when it is not broken.
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