A puzzling chain of events seems to be in process and I’m hoping that it’s just a negotiating ploy and is not actually going to happen.


According to scores of sources, the team is considering releasing their top run blocker in the midst of his prime over a $7MM roster bonus. This player is obviously Brandon Moore who could be the top free agent guard on the market if he is indeed let go.


This move is perplexing for a number of reasons…first, being the Jets don’t need his salary removed due to a gutting and re-structuring of close $50MM in salaries over the past several weeks.

Letting G Brandon Moore would be a big mistake. (JetsInsider.com Photo)
Second, they don’t have a legitimate replacement if Moore goes. Sure, they could move veteran lineman Damien Woody who played tackle last year to guard, but then who would play tackle…Robert Turner? Do you want Turner protecting your new QB? Woody was a great run blocker and pass protector last season and it would make absolutely no sense to move him to guard.

Also, based on who will be available as free agents there is certainly no guarantee that they can get someone in to fill the void. The Jets went through this same scenario with Pete Kendall just two seasons ago and let him go without a viable replacement. Remember how that went? With a new coach and the retirement of Brett Favre, the Jets will be with a new QB this season and will rely heavily on the running game which was excellent last year with Moore and Woody opening holes for both Thomas Jones and Leon Washington….which is even more reason to retain Moore.

Another question is why the team would spend $45MM to bring in Alan Faneca last season to shore up the line then just dump Moore? It really doesn’t make sense.  


Based on the roster bonus, which can be spread out on the Jets cap over the next four years of Moore’s contract, his cost to the team is still extremely reasonable for player of his ability.


As I said earlier, I hope this is indeed a negotiating ploy and it’s been reported that Moore is open to restructuring his deal but I certainly hope that the team remembers the Kendall situation and re-thinks this before making a big mistake.


Hey, BTW…coincidentally, guess who becomes a free agent on Friday?

Pete Kendall, anyone?      


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