Seattle, WA- Same story, different game, once again the flat out ineptitude of the Jets offense paved the way for yet another blowout loss. A loss that feels very much like the new normal around here.

“Alright… Obviously that’s a brutal loss right there.” Said a teary eyed Rex Ryan. “You know, we had some opportunities, especially early in the game, made some critical errors which we still thought we’d be able to overcome it in the second half, but obviously that wasn’t the case.”

For the majority of the game the Jets defense was spectacular, the offense however was a complete disaster. Early on the Jets defense did what they said they would, they rattled rookie quarterback Russell Wilson, sacking him four times and recovering two fumbles (one from Russell Wilson and one by Marshawn Lynch), even returning a fumble for the Jets only touchdown of the game, but as the story usually goes Mark Sanchez and the Jets offense couldn’t get out of their own way and once the offense was done shooting themselves in the foot Wilson was able to step up and make enough plays to win this game quite comfortably.

Mark Sanchez turned in another terrible performance, paving the way to a Jets loss, but Rex Ryan says they will continue to stick with Sanchez as the starting QB. ( Photo)

With the momentum having swung in the Jets favor after the Mike DeVito forced fumble returned for touchdown by Muhammad Wilkerson the Jets forced a quick three-and-out to get the ball back. Sanchez started the drive off with a nice 43 yard pass to an open Jeremy Kerley, but after reentering the game following a Tebow play Sanchez made a horrific throw that was easily picked off by Richard Sherman. The throw was too late, Keller was wide open just a few seconds earlier, and too soft and this allowed Sherman to cut underneath Keller for the easy pick.

“Well it’s a critical error, those are things that really kill you down there. But it wasn’t just his error, we had a false start on a third and one (where) Tebow’s going to walk in on that counter play, but now you make it a third and six and now it’s a turnover.” A visibly dejected Ryan said. “Those are critical errors against a good football team, playing on the road it’s tough enough playing against an opponent. We have to do a much better job of that and we’ve stressed it over and over, we just have to find a way to understand where we are coming from and not have those things happen again.”

“Just a bad decision and strung the play out too long and got greedy.” Mark Sanchez said, “That kind of stuff happens when you do that so it’s my job to move onto the next play and kick a field goal, gets us some points and get out of there. That was the start of turn of things going bad and I got to play better than that so that’s on me.”

It was an awful pass, but regardless the Jets need to cut this two-quarterback nonsense out. Pick a quarterback and stick with him, because whatever it is you call this offense now, it’s not working.

Of course the offense wasn’t the only unit that received failing marks on the day, once again the special teams contributed to the mess. With the score still tied at seven and the Jets having forced another punt from the Seahawks Kerley flat out muffed the punt and not only did the Seahawks recover, but they took advantage of the gift Kerley handed them as they marched right down the field and put seven more points on the board to take a 14-7 halftime lead and that was all they would need.

Good teams capitalize off the mistakes of others, bad teams just keep making mistakes and it was easy differentiate between the good and the bad today. Time is running out of the Jets season and the head coach knows it.

“Yeah (time is certainly running out). I don’t know how many losses you want to spot somebody before you think you can make the playoffs. I mean we, you know, what’s it about a two percent chance of making the playoffs, or something like that, when you’re with the record that we have. But again we’re going to take that shot.” Ryan said, “I know one thing there’s not one quit on any of these guys, there’s no chance of that. We’re going to get after it and find a way to get better. We’ve been working our tail off, it just hasn’t gone our way yet.”

And as of tonight there will be no Ryan quitting on Sanchez as Ryan said Sanchez will continue to be his starter, “Again, I know this is a common theme, but you know if it was on one guy it’s easy to fix but it’s much more. You know we’ve had sometimes protection breakdowns, dropped passes, guys aren’t getting open, there’s other things involved in it. So again yeah, we’ll stick with Mark (Sanchez) and we know he has to get better and everybody around him has to get better.” Of course we all know how Rex Ryan vote of confidence worked out for Brian Schottenheimer and Wayne Hunter.

Sanchez finished the day 9/22 for 124 yards, no TDs, one atrocious pick, sacked three times and one fumble for good measure and still Ryan professed his faith in the fourth year quarterback.

“Because I believe we can win with Mark and I believe we could win with Tebow, but I’m not going to let you or anyone else convince me otherwise.” Ryan said when asked why he would stick with Sanchez and after being pressed again on this issues Ryan said, “Because this is how I feel, he gives us the best opportunities to win games and that’s the only reason that I make any moves.”

Pressed again and again Ryan said, “Well that’s what I believe… Why do I believe it? Because I’ll believe in it, I don’t care what you think or anybody else, I believe it. In my heart I believe in it. Now granted I have I don’t know how many years of experience coaching football and I put my trust in him.”
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