Cortland, NY – Scandalous news out of Jets camp today…I’m sure it’s bound to make headlines, cause internal speculation around the facility, and get fans and the media buzzing. When the players are in their dorm rooms and they aren’t studying, “we act like we’re studying.” Last year’s leading receiver, Jeremy Kerley, revealed this juicy factoid yesterday.

Obviously, if there were such a thing as sarcastic font, the above paragraph would be typed in it… but hey, this is the Jets we’re talking about. (Disclaimer: This was not meant to start anything. It was a joke.) Everyday after their two-hour practice, the players walk from the field into the weight room. Some Jets will stop and talk to the media depending on the day. And I’ve got to tell you, many of them are big, intimidating, and don’t want to bother with our questions. I understand this completely. Some of the questions that are being asked daily are annoying and repetitive. The players have stock answers for so many of them. It’s like pressing play on the show called “Media” on their mental DVRs. Sorry, for the diatribe…my point is Jeremy Kerley is sweet and approachable…and a couple inches shorter than most.

Jets leading receiver from last season Jeremy Kerley plans to repeat his success

I tried to veer away from those monotonous questions, but before I wanted to address them. I asked Kerley which question he’s most sick of. “The quarterback question,” he said. “It’s not up to us, so the questions are irrelevant.”

Not realizing the 24-year-old Kerley married his college girlfriend Kristal Juarez in March, I asked him who his celebrity crush is. He hesitated for a second saying, “My celebrity crush? I got a wife, yo.” I told him he was off the hook for that question if he wanted to be, but he said, “No, I’ve got a celebrity crush. Keri Hilson.”

Yes, the Mary Hart in me came out in full force.

Other little tidbits I learned about the soft-spoken third-year receiver include the last movie he saw in theatres. It was Let Me Explain, which he really enjoyed. He’s not itching for space from his roommate running back Bilal Powell yet. “He’s my bro,” Kerley said. “We’re like brothers.”

In case you want to hear about football (because after all that’s most likely why you’re visiting the Kerley isn’t worried about one of the younger receivers, like Stephen Hill or Clyde Gates—who have both been impressive in camp so far—coming up and stealing his throne per se.

“I don’t feel any added pressure. I’m confident and feel good about my game. The system is set up great. Marty’s system is set up really nicely. I’m happy.”

He may not feel the up-and-comers on his back, but he’s willing to help his competition. “I’m just trying to lead by example,” Kerley said, “I’m not really a vocal guy. I’m just trying to put my efforts out on the field. Show them the right path.”

Coach Rex Ryan seems to think Kerley is on a good path. Last week he spoke about how impressed he is with Kerley’s hands, and more surprisingly, his punt returning.

“That’s a little football player there,” Ryan said. “Whether he’s running the option… whether he’s running the option route. There are all these things this young man can do. I think he’s had a great training camp.”

Based on what we’ve seen from Kerley on the field and the vibe I got from him based on the five minutes we spoke, I would personally follow the “right path” Kerley has set for the younger guys, particularly if I were dressed in green and white…on the roster…and a guy…
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