East Rutherford, NJ– Who knows the precise moment it happened, or what exactly it was that caused it to be this way, but clearly somewhere along the way the New York Jets did something to anger the football gods. There’s just no other explanation for what transpired tonight.

A blowout loss to the Patriots isn’t surprising in the least, but the way they lost? That’s something that could only happen to the Jets (cue the nodding heads of agreement).

After a scoreless first quarter, the Patriots scored an offensive touchdown, two plays later a broken play lead to Brandon Moore leveling Sanchez causing the ball to bounce right into Gregory’s hands for him to walk untouched into the end zone. “I was thinking a different play in my head, just a mental error there, so as soon as I realized there was nobody to hand it to I just started to run towards the line, tried to cover it up and just get down and I slid right into Brandon Moore and that was kind of an unfortunate deal there.” Sanchez said, “I’m not a big believer in luck, but that was pretty unlucky.”

Every Jet player, coach and fan should be beyond embarrassed by this team and their performance tonight, but no one should feel the brunt of this embarrassment as much as the owner Woody Johnson. (JetsInsider.com Photo).

Immediately following those two touchdowns Joe McKnight lost the football on the kick return as Devin McCourty’s helmet knocked the ball loose causing it to almost magically float directly into the waiting hands of Julian Edelman, as if he had special football magnets in his hands, then he calmly strolled into the end zone.

Just like that the game went from a scoreless tie to 21-0 Patriots, 21 straight points in a span of four plays (and 54 seconds), easily one of the weirdest sequences of plays you’ll ever see in your life. Oh, then there was Shonn Greene ignoring an open lane to his right and smashing directly into a pile of defenders to get stopped short on fourth and one before punt-fumbling (Oh fun, a new made up word) and because it seems to be a requirement these days, a classic Sanchez interception to boot, “I was thinking one thing (cover-2), they played another and (I) tried to anticipate Kerley down the middle and Gregory got me.” Sanchez said.

Seriously, you couldn’t make this up if you tried, no one would believe you.

“I mean it’s frustrating when you go into a game and first quarter you’re playing well and then all of a sudden it goes bad. I think they scored on all three phases, on special teams, on offense and on our defense.” Antonio Cromartie said, “I mean, it’s frustrating, you just got to go back in and look at it and get back to the books and understand what went wrong and understand what you got to do better. You got five weeks left and right now we just got to go out and just continue to play football.”

“Obviously that was a nightmare of a game to say the least. You turn the ball over five times and blow coverages, we just got beat.” Said Rex Ryan, “I mean 35 points in a quarter, I thought that was almost impossible to do but they found a way to do it.”

After the Patriots forced the Jets to punt on the next series, Tom Brady and the Patriots continued to pile on more servings of embarrassment for the Jets. Cromartie passed coverage of Edelman off to Landry who never had a chance and Brady hit him in stride for another easy touchdown, simple pitch and catch and you could begin to sense actual joy cracking through Bill Bellichick’s cold, black heart as he was gleefully obliged to run the score up on the Jets.

This game, this season, this team, this organization is a complete unmitigated disaster. The embarrassment is overwhelming, as is the anger and frustration from the fans. There have been many seasons with angry, disgruntled fans voicing their displeasure with Gang Green over the years, but not quite like this. The crowd turned on this team with a hostility that can not be ignored by the owner. Woody Johnson loves the attention his team has received in the past few years, but nothing of this poor quality should be seen by anyone. Fans have often joked about demanding refunds, if there was ever a time to act on said joke that time would be now.

At one point late in the second quarter with the game already out of hand the crowd erupted into the loudest chorus of Tebow chants we have heard so far this season. They weren’t calling for Tebow as much as they were waiving the white flag and trying to send that message to ownership. Sanchez continues to not be any good, but this team’s problems extend far beyond number six and Tebow isn’t the answer and according to Ryan, he was never going to be the answer tonight as the coach said Tebow was held out of the game because of an injury to his ribs.

Walking down the ramps at halftime there was nothing but loud angry rants mixed in with some giggling from Jet fans gone mad and who could blame them? Fans should be angry and if they’re not it’s certainly understandable if they have lost their sanity.

In the news you already knew department, it’s not easy to be a Jets fan and there’s little to no reason to believe this could change anytime soon, but as always Ryan promised he and his team will continue to fight the good fight. Which is cute and all, but it won’t be enough to satisfy this understandably furious fan base.

“I know our fans deserve a heck of a lot better than this.” Ryan said, “I’ll say this, our fans are going to get everything we have and we’ll find out what that means, if that’s good enough or not but I can promise you that.”
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