Enough about the Brett Favre controversy. In accordance with William Rhoden’s article in the New York Times, the Jets may already have the quarterback they need. Scratch that, they have the quarterback they need. Be it Pennington, Clemens, or even Ratliff, the Jets do not need to blow the dust off Favre and make him QB-1 this season.

Like he’s confidently said, Pennington has experienced success with the Jets.

“I’ve been able to win in the past and now I want to take winning to a different level, and that’s the championship level,” Pennington said the other day.

Bold words coming from a quarterback of a team that hasn’t played at the championship level in four decades. That’s right folks, on the media guides is a 40th Anniversary logo commemorating the Super Bowl III Champions. I love the way teams make good out of dismal championship droughts by calling this the Jets’ 40th Anniversary of a Super Bowl. Wouldn’t a more appropriate way to dub this season be the “Holy Hell, it’s Been 40 Years Since We’ve Won a Super Bowl” season?

I may be going out on a limb with this one, but the Jets are approaching the Boston Red Sox and Chicago Cubs territory with championship droughts. 40 years? I’m 21, that’s almost two lifetimes as I know it. My dad-a Jets fan himself-was hardly a teenager. But I digress.

The point I’m trying to make is that the Jets have what and who they need to be successful this season. Since this is a blog, I’m gonna go ahead and say that my guy for Gang Green is Pennington. He’s been better from what I’ve seen, is more experienced, and is more confident.

That’s just at quarterback though. Keep in mind some of the off-season moves the Jets have made. Alan Faneca and Damien Woody on the offensive line, TE Bubba Franks and WR Marcus Henry, adding depth, height, youth and experience to an already solid corps of receivers. Defensively, Vernon Gholston was proof that the Jets do have some idea of what the draft is all about, and CB Justin Miller is getting his step back after a shortened season in 2007 thanks to an injury. To help Gholston along at the linebacker position, the Jets acquired Calvin Pace from the Cardinals.

Keep in mind that with everything else going on behind the scenes in Hempstead, this is only a chunk of the iceberg. Maybe I’m being overly optimistic, and I know it’s only July, but I like the Jets’ chances this year.

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