East Rutherford N.J. — The Jets have placed a lot of confidence in the 34 year old WR Plaxico Burress. Even with his near three year “vacation” off the field, the team expected him to do big things and play at his usual high level that fans have come to expect. With his early scare in training camp (ankle injury) some might have thought that his lay off would come back to hurt his game, but it ended up not being as serious as most made it to be. He was watched close by trainers and coaches for a combined time of about a week and it looks to be paying off.

Plax looking good in his first game as a Jet. (JetsInsider.com)

When Burress came running out of the tunnel before the game the proud Jets fans erupted with a roar showing him that he is welcome with open arms. It seemed like that energized him right out of the gate. The first offensive play of the game was a bullet pass by QB Mark Sanchez to the 6’5″ Burress for a 20 yard gain to start the offense off on the right foot.

“I was kind of surprised by the play call.” Burress said. “I thought it was going to be a run, something like that.”

But Burress felt great when his name was called for the first play.

“It’s big.” Burress said. “You always want to try and catch the first ball as a wide receiver to just try to get into a flow.”

Even though the offense looked like it was trudging through mud most of the first half, Burress definitley had a star on his helmet. With all the swirling chatter about the ankle, Burress showed it is doing just fine.

“My ankle is not a factor at all.” Burress said in his post game interview.

 Not only did he have three receptions for 66 yards including a 26 yard touchdown on a ten play 99 yard drive but he looked good even when the ball was not thrown his way. When asked about the touchdown reception Burress said, “I felt like I was moving in slow motion a bit. I was looking up and at the end of the play, I was right there where I was supposed to be.”

The slow motion comment meant something more than what meets the ear. Burress clarified what he meant by the quote after the game.

“It’s a good thing to make it seem like everything is moving in slow motion.” Burress said.
“Because that means the game is still slow to me. Nothing is moving fast, everything just feels normal, it just feels like football and to be honest it just feels like I never left.”

Coach Ryan had nothing but good things to say about his WR and is recognizing his talent is rare.

“Really he was outstanding, Ryan said. “He’s a great route runner and obviously he’s got that mis match every time he goes up.”

With the receiving corps the Jets are putting on the field every Sunday, they are giving themselves a huge advantage to win games and coach Ryan agrees.

“We have a lot of weapons.” Ryan said. “I think it’s going to be something with Plaxico out there and Santonio and Derrick Mason you know that’s going to be a special group.”

Burress proved himself as a Jet tonight and showed the team and the fans that he is here to play his best. He will be a big threat in the red zone and give Sanchez a crutch when things are not running smooth. If tonight was a preview of how Burress’ career as a Jet will go then it looks like he is back and ready for success once again as an NFL superstar receiver.

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