Practice was pushed back today from 2:15pm to 4;00pm in regards to the new CBA Agreement. This meant that all the new signees would be able to participate fully. The buzz in camp is to see how Plaxico Burress would perform after his three year layoff due to his charge, but it has to wait at least two more days.

The rust on Burress showed to be a bit thicker than expected. While running routes with good friend and teammate Santonio Holmes late yesterday the wideout felt a slight tweak in his left ankle.

“I was running around trying to stay sharp and you know I kind of rolled it a little bit.” Burress said.

Plaxico Burress needs to shake of some more rust before he gets back on the field. (Photo)

The only red flag that could be thrown up in this situation is the actual ankle that Burress “injured”. When he was a member of the New York Giants he ran into a similar problem but with the opposite one. This time with the Jets he felt the pain in his left ankle but he does not seem to be bothered by it.

“I’m not worried at all. I’m in great shape.” said Burress when asked about the severity of the injury.
It does not look to be bothering Coach Ryan either. Saying, “It won’t be long, but again we will have him out there when he’s ready to go at 100%.”
Burress was not the only spectator on the sidelines today. He was joined by his fellow receiver Santonio Holmes. Everyone can now exhale. Holmes feels fine. Coach Ryan is just being extra careful and wants all the pieces to fall in place at the right time.
During his press conference today Ryan clarified the reason, saying, “We got out there late and he (Holmes) felt like he wasn’t really warmed up. That was it. He will be out there tomorrow.”
Both receivers are becoming antsy and just want to get the ball rolling but for Burress it will have to wait for a few more days. Patience is the key and the rehabilitated receiver made it clear that he knows it.
‘It’s a little frustrating but you know I say to myself everyday that what I’ve been through I’ve just learned so much patience, just let everything take its course.” Burress said.
The team is taking one day at a time and  the players will fall where they may.

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