Florham Park, NJ — It seems the New York Jets are taking WR Plaxico Burress’ hand and making him walk in baby steps so far this season.

Big Plax misses another practice but no worries, just tightness in the hamstring. He will be out on the field Sunday night. (JetsInsider.com Photo)

At the start of his time with the team Burress had the slight ankle injury that still has come up in the last few weeks and now he has some tightness in his hamstring but says it’s nothing.

“It’s a little sore more than anything, a little tightness.” Burress said, “I went out there and went through individuals and caught a couple of passes but it just doesn’t feel right, little sore, so we just kind of did the smart thing and just had some limited work.”

We will see Burress go against the Ravens this Sunday whose team defense is up there with the best in the league. After the Ravens won their first game which felt like a playoff matchup against the Pittsburgh Steelers, they kind of took the week off in week two when they played the Tennesse Titans. Burress knows his team has to take advantage of their man to man coverage.  

“Ed Reed is the guy who really protects those guys. He’s a guy that reacts to the football and makes plays.” Burress said, “What I’m recognizing is that we are going to have to make plays when they bring pressure, when they bring pressure they leave their guys in man to man and single coverage.”

The man to man coverage is what the offense was expecting from the Raiders but they ended up switching it up on them and it hurt the Jets last week. The offense has to realize this and adjust quicker this week if they want their offense to get on the board early and often.

“You really can’t expect  teams to come out and play us the way they see us on tape,” Burress said, “We are going to have to adjust on the fly is what I’ve recognized in the first three games and we are going to have to just execute calls.”

The offense kind of adjusted a bit last week against the Raiders with a few check down throws that turned into big plays. Sometimes it will work, absolutley, but you can’t live and die by dinks and dunks. QB Mark Sanchez needs to get the outside receivers more involved this week in order to get passed the wall that stands in their way.

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